would you all be interested in...

  1. doing a RAOK gift exchange, like hermes did (and now lv is doing)? i've organized this kind of thing on a few other forums i'm on and i was so excited when hermes did one- because i didn't want to just randomly start something, lol! it's basically like a secret santa.

    it wouldn't be a super expensive sort of deal, since i know a lot of us don't have tons of extra money. but we've all gotten to be pretty good friends here, and i really think this could be fun. it would be over the course of, say, a month- sending small little gifts to the person you are paired with.

    i'll gladly organize everything, if you all are interested.
  2. sounds like fun....count me in!
  3. I think it sounds fun! But what does RAOK mean? (sorry, I've tried to come up with my own answer and not getting anywhere quick!) Anyway, yeah, I'd be interested! How does it work?
  4. ^raok is random acts of kindness. there is actually a large online group out there of the same name (which i'm a member of).

    well, hermes and lv did it via elfster, which i'm not fond of. basically, you get the name of the person you're sending to, along with a few things they would like to get (as a guideline). over the set period, you can send small packages (or big ones), cards, or other things you think would make the person smile. it's just a small way to make someone happy.
  5. I think it's Random Act Of Kindness...
  6. basically: say x is my raok buddy. she says she likes the color pink and pigs. so maybe you're at the coach store and see the pig charm- so you pick it up for her and send it off. she gets it and is super excited, and posts that she got the package and how much she loves it.

    as a reiteration, stuff does NOT have to be expensive.
  7. Kallison, is there a set amount to spend or a certain number of gifts to buy?
  8. certainly no set number of packages/cards/whatever to send.

    we can discuss the spending amounts. i think it would vary, depending on how long you guys want to do it (ie, doing it for a month would have a lower limit, rather than doing it for 2 months, etc).
  9. Sign me up - sounds fun! :yes:
  10. Oh, I like it!! I was a recipient of a RAOK recently and am still smiling! I'd love to do the same for someone else! I love stuff like that!
  11. alright, those of you who are interested: i need you to EMAIL me (please don't pm...my box is nearly full) at irishdancer423@hotmail.com with your name here and your preference for length of time and money limit!
  12. i know, i LOVE doing these. it's such a great feeling, knowing someone is thinking of you!
  13. Sounds like fun! Count me in as well.
  14. so cool!! emailing you now :smile:
  15. count me in!