Would you agree - Reissue 226 Dress Sense question

  1. Would you agree - A Reissue (226) is not an everyday bag. You need to be smartly dressed to wear this bag well. A Reissue does not simply just go with anything you are wearing.

    I am considering a Reissue but I do think it's a bag to carry only when I am smartly well dressed.

    Tell me if I am wrong. If you have pics to go with your pointers, that will be oh so good... TIA :smile:
  2. Take a look at reference library (celeb) you'll see them wearing reissues in different kinds of outfit.....IMO I think practically anything goes, is how comfortable you are wearing it...
    haha, it's all about attitude, I think I will wear the 226 and 227 with any outfit ... and 225 because of the size, I will use it for night out or dinner dates.
  3. IceEarl, yes, this is what I was hoping to hear.... I just want to be very sure before I decide if it's a bag that I can wear at most times as my attire are mostly semi-casual separates or dresses. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. It depends on the color and type of reissue you're thinking of getting. For me, personally, I think the 'matte' reissue are rather suitable for all kinds of attire compared to the shinier ones. The shiny ones seem more dressier.
  5. It's true, the shinier and metallics seem "dressier" but not so much so that you CAN'T wear them with most outfits. Actually, on the contrary, I think it's just the thing to make jeans look super classy and smart, and of course looks fab with traditionally dressier outfits too. It's all in how you carry yourself, imo!
  6. The reissues look great with jeans and casual wear as well as something dressy. Just not with shorts.
  7. I've only worn my light silver reissue with jeans and flats. Have gotten tons of complements. I think the bag instantly polishes whatever look you are going for.
  8. I like the look of reissues with jeans. Reissues are so versatile.
  9. so far my reissues have been the 227 size so it can use it casually. i figure though the bag might have a dressy look to it (patent or metallic), the larger size compensates for it. i wear mine with all types of clothes both casual and work casual. goes great with my formal work suits also. I think the 226 is fine though because it's a nice size bag to go from day to night.
  10. I think you can wear the reissue practically with everything (except for sneakers!).
  11. honestly, it's just a bag and it's up to you how you want to wear it. there's no right or wrong way...just how it fits your personal lifestyle. so i'd say, just wear it with whatever you think looks good! :smile:
  12. I love reissues. I think they go with most everything.
  13. I think the reissue is the easiest to match with my clothes. It goes with formal, jeans, etc.
  14. i think it dresses up an outfit. if you wear a reissue with something casual, it will make the outfit look a lot classier. however, i don't think a reissue can be worn well with sweats. as long as you're dressed neatly, and not super sloppily, then the reissue can only make your outfit look better.
  15. Can't agree more!!:tup: