would you actually hop on a plane

  1. To go to the Los Angeles exhibit? Fiancee and I are seriously considering it because i NEED one of those agendas! He said that it could be an early x-mas present.

    But I would need to know that I could get it..plane tickets wouldn't be THAT bad and with the two of us we could buy 4 items! Although I would need to pay cash because our names are together on our cards. Would we need to rent a car??? I think we would just go out there for the exhibit so we don't need to worry about the hotel. And heck, if we could get 4 items I could buy 2 neverfulls and maybe make enough money to pay for the tickets!?!?!?!

    Is this something that seems ridiculous??? I would love to head out there if even for a day!
  2. I would not
  3. I probably wouldnt if I had to fly to get an item. But thats just my opinion :smile:
  4. But how limited are those items?
  5. I would, but I dont have that kind of money and parents.

    Haha, Ill wait till Im a SUPER CELEBRITY! YIPEE!
  6. For the amount of money you are going to spend on travel, accomodations, etc. you could save the hassle and get one on eBay....unless you want to go to actually SEE the exhibit as well.
  7. I will but....I am staying in Singapore......
  8. Also, I believe there is a rule. You can only buy 1 big item and 1 small, so you couldn't buy 2 neverfulls

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. Unless, you had money to burn.

    Also, agree with Travelbliss, buy it from eBay which is less hassle
  9. wow im 40 minutes away and not going but I hear its a limit of 2 items per person one large and one small so I don't think you can buy 2 neverfulls but ya hubby could get one and you get one. I think you would really have to want this badly.. I like the ronde and the agenda.
  10. Honestly, if I had that kind of money to do it ..... I WOULD. :biggrin:

    But I don't so unfortunately my last resort is eBay.
  11. ^^I agree with everyone else. I wouldn't go to that length. Use the money for ebay...and maybe some other LE item(s) from an LV store!!
  12. I was told the agendas SOLD OUT
  13. ^^ wow already?
    i'm guessing a lot will be popping up on ebay any minute now!

    btw, if i had funds, i totally would! that was my original plan but i ended up going to nyc for cdn thanksgiving instead :smile:
  14. I would... if only I have a way to guarantee that I can get one of each of what I want... :push:
  15. I wouldn't. There's an agenda on ebay for $875, I think. A bit more, but probably less than 2 plane tickets in the end.