would you accept PayPal - unconf.add., 1 feedback, newbie, from Korea?

  1. I asked for bank wire since I affraid of scamming buyer but she refused, said,"It's dangerous for buyer!" :wtf: yes, if it's dangerous for her than how with me?? It's also unsafe for me! It's posibble if they use stolen cc then I shipped item and PayPal will take back $$$ :push:

    I offer to relist and do mutual agreement but she refused...
  2. No. I will not accept this kind of buyers. If I indicated only accept PayPal payment to confirmed address, I would simply refund her PayPal payment and cancel this transaction. I would rather loosing listing fee than being regret later.
  3. You don't get Paypal protection if it's international transaction anyway. Refund and relist.
  4. Could she report me to eBay as non performance seller? Yes, I prefer to refund her since it's even not over $300 incl. sh
  5. No - dont sell it to her. Tell her it isnt safe you until she has a confirmed address. But as she cannot get one, you are unable to ship it.
  6. Many thanks :smile:
  7. Heck no.:nogood:
  8. Ooh before there's misunderstanding here, I'll gladly to clarify, I never discriminate buyers by their location or feedback, I even have some buyer from Korea, Singapore ( another auction site ) & Thailand and I don't hate newbie even welcome in my auctions :smile:

    But for newbie, PayPal unconfirmed address and has 0 feedback, I prefer Bank Wire otherwise, I prefer to keep my item for my self ;)
  9. Absolutely not; I would not risk it. And BTW don't feel threatened that your buyer will report you for being a non-performing seller, b/c there is an option under the dispute menu where the seller can declare "buyer requested shipping to an UNconfirmed address." I'd ask the buyer to try sending the payment via BidPay (http://www.bidpay.com), which is what I do with my int'l buyers w/o PayPal-confirmed addresses. Failing that the last option would be bank wire transfer. Good luck!
  10. I wanted to trust people at first, especially new buyers, but this is a scam. I have had a really good run on eBay all things considered, but this is the most popular scam going. If you honor this sale, you will be out the amount of money and your bag. Please forgive me for repeating, but do not proceed with this sale. It is a scam. Shonda
  11. I say no too, after all it is an unconfirmed address.
  12. Never!!! That is a red flag for me!! I would much rather the item stay stuffed in my closet than be scammed by a con artist!!!
  13. Well, I guess I'll be the odd man (woman) out on this one.

    I've never, ever had a problem selling to newbies in South Korea. Ever. Even those with zero feedback. May of them have turned out to be some of my best repeat customers! It's possible for anyone to use a stolen CC and steal your item. It happens every day with US bidders.

    You'll have to go with your gut on this one, though. But if you're not comfortable, then don't do it.
  14. no go for me.
  15. Don't mean to sound like a real biotch, but there's no way I'd ever ship overseas. I've tried it twice and it was a NIGHTMARE. Canadian buyers either have to beg me repeatedly or it's a no go for them either. I don't need to deal with customs forms, taxes, declarations...no thanks. Too easy for it to get "lost" and then run into problems.
    Run the other way.....