Would you accept paypal from 0 fb?

  1. Tonight I received alot of decent best offers from either brand new bidders or just bidders with 0 feedbacks. With all that paypal scam going on, I decided to refuse all of them. I know that we all have to start from 0 but LV is too much to lose. I know that we should always accept confirmed address but I was afraid they may turn around and say it is fake or something.

    What do you guys think? Thank you.
  2. With the amount of scamming going on nowadays and a good majority of it from bidders with 0 feedback, or low feedback and from getting that by buying .01 "E" books, I not only woulnd't allow thier bids, but I'd also make it so I could only accept bids from within your country of origin. Seriously, there is no way I would sell high end items or electronics on eBay now. WAYYY too many scams and flakes.
  3. personally i would not feel comfortable doing so.
  4. I don't know, but for the past several months, my best buyers are eBay newbies with 0 feedback. They paid on time and left me very nice feedbacks.

    One of my 0-feedback bidders told me after she won my auction that she actually had over 100 feedbacks before and she stopped ebaying for 5 years, now she came back and didn't understand why her feedback turned into 0. She thought that eBay may delete her feedbacks b/c she had no activity for a long time.:shrugs:
  5. How much of a gambler are you? Clearly, 0 fb increases risk factor.
  6. I can't believe you would ever consider not accepting 0 fb bidders! We all had to start somewhere. Just be sure to check out their bid history and see if they have excessively high bids and if you are concerned put a line in your auctions asking bidders with low fb to contact you before bidding.
  7. if the buyer has a confirmed address surely that means its is safe to acept payment. you would wait for the payment to get to your account before sending item so does a risk still exist?
  8. How do you check their bid history? I have never done this.

  9. Go to advanced search, on the left you will see a link that says items by bidder, click the link then tick the box saying include completed items and it will show you
  10. yea, I think you made the right choice... better safe than sorry, and you really don't know anything about these bidders.
  11. Maybe I have just had good luck, but I have sold 3 handbags in the last month to 0 fb bidders, and have had no problems (*knocks on wood*). But I only ship confirmed PP addresses, take detailed pictures before shipping, add a numbered security bracelet, require signature confirmation and contact the buyer before and after shipping. It has increased by sales my allowing 0 fb bidders, because so many other sellers don't and it has narrowed the pool of auctions they can actually bid on. But I agree, I do treat 0 fb transactions more carefully.
  12. I would. Just make sure that you covered your end as a seller. ship with insurance to cover yourself in case anything does come up. If by paypal, make sure address is confirmed, keep all your tracking information. If item is more than $250, signature confirmation is required.

    everyone has to start somewhere.
  13. Thank you!

  14. oh, my god - I am new on ebay - if I should bay something it would only be a leader Gucci bag and now most of you girls say that you would´t sell to me - how should I even got some feedbacks :crybaby:
  15. asli , don't worry , we do realise everybody has to start somewhere , I find the o fbs are normally great buyers !