Would would retail for this be?

  1. Does anyone know? Please let me know, even if it would just be ballpark.. Also, anyone know when it might have been produced?
    For Sale 207.jpg For Sale 209.jpg
  2. Sorry, I don't know but it's really pretty! I'm so not helpful. :rolleyes:
  3. According to the card, I would say 1999
  4. jen - good luck with the sale! this bag will get sold for sure!
  5. Anyone know what the retail price may have been? ..or how much the classic flaps are going for now?
  6. The price tag of my classic flat is $1,475.00
  7. May I ask if this was purchased personally from a boutique or through another person (i.e. another auction site)?
  8. This was purchased from the marketplace when it was open