Would Vernis items 'stick' to each other?

  1. I'm now eyeing the new Vernis flat pouch, the one that looks like an envelope. I plan to put it in my bag together with my Vernis french purse.
    Would the coating rub off on each other and ruin the pieces?
  2. hmmm , interesting question - I have the vernis agenda and vernis key holder in my purse daily and have never noticed them sticking to each other, but now will keep an eye out...
  3. They might make a weird noise like it sounds like they're sticking but nothing comes off, in my experience.
  4. For some reason I read this and thought of sticking to vinyl car seats in the hot Texas sun when I was a kid in the 60's.

    Back to topic, does Vernis hold up to heat? May sound stupid but I was wondering if the heat of a car, etc. would cause the imprints to diminish.
  5. Good question!

    This is something I'd like to know too.
  6. Maybe you could put one of your Vernis items in the LV dustbag when it's inside your purse? My friend use to do that with her Vernis wallet. Kind of a hassle, but it protected the Vernis wallet. Not sure if she still does that now...
  7. good question
  8. Exactly. I´ve tried it with my cles and reade:yes:
  9. I don't think they would stick together...the Vernis feels pretty smooth and light.

    I wouldn't put them too close together for a long period of time though...the care booklet did warn against putting vernis leather against other leathers...I'm not sure if a darker vernis will transfer on another vernis colour, because I did see something on let-trade that might've gone through that.
  10. I was thinking of getting the Vernis Pouch in Perle...whilst my french purse is Pomme...I sooo want the pouch in Perle...:sad:
    Hopefully someone here has some experience with 2 contrasting vernis colours in the bag.
    peace43: I may even resort to your suggestion of putting the Perle in the dust bag. Thanks for the idea :smile:
  11. be careful... the colors transfer.
  12. ^ that's what I heard too! i wouldnt carry them both together, especially if one is light and the other is a dark color and definitely not in high heat.