Would value your input on my next Damier....

  1. Hi All!

    I would appreciate your input on my next Damier. I want a smaller bag for evenings and weekends. I have narrowed it down to four choices and I'll give you my own pros and cons, but I value your opinions and that's why I did not make this a poll. I like to read the WHYS of your choice. Thanks in advance!
    [​IMG]Belem PM
    Pros: adorable, the pics of others wearing it are great; cons: handheld, may be annoying while shopping.

    [​IMG]Ravello PM
    pros: easy to carry on shoulder, love hardware; cons: too small? too much like my recital in monogram

    [​IMG]Ribera mini
    Pros: think it's very cute and holds a lot; cons: some say difficult to get into, handheld also may be a pain while shopping

    Last choice is Damier Aubagne. For pic please go to Vuitton.com.
    Not available on Elux and can't copy pic from there at work. Sorry:shame:
    pros: different, not seen around commonly, roomy, shoulder cons: maybe not evening appropriate, not sure??

    Sorry this was so long winded.....
    Let her rip!!!:yes:
  2. Ravello :love:
  3. I love the BELEM PM!! What a CUTE and unique shape!! It's not a shoulder bag, though...Depends of how much you're in love with it...

    Ribera Mini and Ravello PM: Too SMALL...IMO

    Augbane: LOVE IT! So classy, perfect size IMO.

    My favorite in CUTENESS: Belem PM!!!:yahoo:

  4. I'm going to vote for the Belem PM because I actually bought it but exchanged it for the Saleya PM as I wanted an everyday bag. But it you want something smaller for evenings/weekends, it is an adorable bag!!
  5. Belem pm.
  6. im totally inlove with the ribera mini! I think you should go for that, tho my opinion is a little biased since i really want it hahha goodluck!
  7. Can you be more specific . You want a bag for evenings, weekends and also mentioned shopping.:yes:.

    For just an evening bag, I would choose the Ravello PM, I have this bag and its great for evening dinners, etc. but definetly not a weekend bag it does not hold much at all.

    A weekend bag, the Belem PM I think is really cute. Have you checked out the Olav PM for a shopping handbag?.:flowers:

  8. amamxr--sorry.i'll try to clarify. i do most of my running around for errands, shopping etc on the weekends. most of my nights out are on the weekend also. i guess there is a difference between an evening bag and a weekend bag. i want the best of both though!
    i think you are right---ravello is more JUST an evening bag---too small for anything else.
    the belem, ribera mini and aubagne can hold more, but still be used for evenings.
    ok, i think that helped me eliminate the ravello PM.
    i still love it though and one day, i'll get it!
  9. Ribera mini :smile:
  10. belem pm!!! i have it and love it. you can put it on the crook of the arm when you do shopping. :yes:
  11. Belem PM!!!

  12. For sure the Ravello PM won't meet your needs. I got very frustrated with the handbag when I tried using it as a daytime bag. Your other choices are great ones. Its so fun shopping for just the right bag. Please post a pic when you decide which one is best for you.:flowers:
  13. i vote for the belem! it's really cute irl. i think it would make a great bag that would suit all your needs.

    even though the ravello can be carried over the shoulders, it's still quite difficult to reach for your stuff easily, ya prob have to slip it off your shoulders, open the clasps etc?
  14. Ravello, I think it looks very sophisticated, and I just love the little push lock ! :yes:
  15. The cutest one is the Belem PM! :smile: