Would U Trade XL Jumbo Flap for j12 watch?

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  1. I wouldn't only because I never wear watches :P
  2. god, yes...this is the kind of opportunity that happens rarely in life!:biggrin:
  3. Just curious - how much $ is bag and how much $ is watch? I'm guessing the watch costs at least $4000 and maybe the bag is near $2000.
  4. J12 for absolute sure!! :heart:
  5. Yes I would do it! The j12 is gorgeous and if you wanted it for a while then go for it!
  6. I work for CFJ, please post pics of the watch so I can authenticate. I've seen fakes posted here that go unnoticed.
  7. yes
  8. TRADE!

    I have the white Diamond Chrono and wear it 24hrs a day. I LOVE it.

  9. pics?
  10. sounds suspicious. J12 seems to be a lot more expensive than XL Jumbo.
  11. yes i would..than i would go buy me another xl jumbo! lol
  12. Please post the pics of the watch--it has to be a copy. For the life of me, I can't imagine why someone would trade items of unequal value.
  13. Id be inclined to think its fake. Who'd want to trade a 4K watch for an XL jumbo (especially if its a vintage jumbo).

    The only catch about acquiring a used watch is hoping that the prior owner was responsible when she used it. Ie, battery changes only at Chanel or else the water seal is broken, and also if you dont properly pop the side winder in after changing the time, you can get water in there which corrodes the movement and you're out of a watch, no warranty would cover that.
  14. The watch!! But make sure it's working well.
  15. I'd be suspicious of such an uneven trade too.
    Be super careful of this.