Would U Trade XL Jumbo Flap for j12 watch?

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  1. Hi there, I got an intereting offer of trading my beautiful Chanel XL Jumbo Flap bag for a black ceramic chanel J12 watch... Would u guys trade? the watch is in excellent conditions from 2005 and has all the paperwork and box. Im just not so sure. what would you do?
  2. Another question... is there a link somewere in this website, were trading is allowed? Have u guys ever traded bags? I am interested in trading bags, I have other chanel, but I dont like going through craigslist..does anyone know a legit site were i can trade with other authentic only chanel lovers? Thanks:woohoo::yahoo:
  3. If you don't have a J12, i'd definitely trade for it as watch tend to hold it's price better than bag. Good luck!
  4. I would trade that in a California second. Well, we're slow here, so that's about a NY minute. I love my J12s more than my bags.
  5. Thanks, I have been eyeballing the black j12 for a while now, and now that this opportunity rose, I surely want to take advantage of it, but wanted some advise first. Thanks!!
  6. J12 of course, just make sure it's authentic! A lot of fake J12s now are having complete receipt, too.
  7. yes.
  8. I would choose the J12 also, but as others have said -be careful!!
  9. In a heartbeat! But make sure the J12 is authentic.
  10. hell yah!! you better make that switch girl! lol
  11. without a doubt!
  12. Yes, TRADE!!!!!
  13. Which j12? Is it the automatic and any diamonds?
  14. yes!
  15. I'd have the J12 authenticated at the Chanel boutique if at all possible before trading. The black J12 is exquisite for sure. It's a great opportunity, and you can always get another XL jumbo later. GL!