Would u put heel protectors on a new pr. of boots?

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  1. Probably a very silly question but I wouldn't care if these boots didn't cost a fortune!

    The heel looks thick enough but I don't even want to wear them LOL :shame:
  2. you mean the outer heel cap? i would start wearing them first to see if the cap seemed to wear down quickly. i wouldn't do anything right away though.
  3. ^ yes thanks didn't know what to call them those little "u" shaped thingys.

    I'll just wear the boots and see. I guess it could feel weird if that extra bit is on there.

    eta-I usually wear down the heel and need to replace them or put on caps so was thinking ahead.
  4. I never add heel caps but have been advised by more than one cobbler to let the heels wear down a little bit and then add the caps. If you add the caps when the heel is new and not worn down, it makes other parts of the sole wear faster and could also cause you to slip.