would u pay

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  1. [​IMG]

    Butterfly Bag
    item number:35177
    This is not a handbag... it's a work of art. Outrageous, dreamy and feminine, it's a piece to collect and cherish. The front features a hand-painted butterfly on ponyskin. The back is a soft expanse of buttery yellow nappa leather.

    Measures 18" x 19"
    Yellow whipstitch trim

    $1,550.00 pay this much 4 this
  2. Looks like something you would buy at a swap meet for $30. If I had a young cousin who was really into butterlies I might pick it up.

    Perhaps they put this pricetag on it because they know Mariah Carey and other over the hill pop psychos will buy anything with butterflies.
  3. I guess I would buy it if it were my cup of tea, but its not, so I guess thats a no :smile:
  4. Forgive me, but heck no:smile:
  5. No way.

  6. It looks nice but no...
  7. Sorry to say this but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!
  8. Nah i just came across it and was surprise at the price ..it is nothing i would purchase
  9. Place a Dior or LV stitch at the side ppl would probably go gaga over it. Personally even if you put a Hermes or Loewe on the bag, I wouldn't give it the time of day. :smile: