Would u pay $1000 for a naked CC bags??

  1. I won't...afterall it is so "plastic"..& that my sis just came back from China...telling me they are selling (the fake) for abt US$16-US$20 . maybe lesser..can't bother to remember....y on earth did chanel want to design something so easily copy by fakers??..sigh..

    Cambon is 1 of them...
  2. Nope. I wouldn't pay $100.
  3. Ya know, I have this thing where I need the bag to be leather for me to justify the money. So, my answer is no.
  4. Yep, I already have. :love:
  5. Good for you, EmilyK!
  6. actually, I love the naked flap.. So I will say YES!
  7. There was one member who posted some modeling pics w/ her naked and it looked gr8 on her with her LV accessories. :smile:

    I wouldn't but I'm a private person! I don't like people seeing my stash!
  8. its a fun bag but it has to be leather for me to spend that much money!
  9. Hehe, I think that was me. Framboise vernis stuff?

    Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see balking at the $1,000 price tag. But I loved the bag enough to justify the price. I think there are different categories of bag buyers in general. Some try to justify the bag in terms of its materials ($1,000 for leather is fine... for plastic, no) and how it will hold up to wear and tear (sometimes those two are correlated, sometimes no). Others justify prices based on how much they love something... that's me.

    I've liked Chanel's styling for a while (chain handle, closure) and liked the classic flap a lot, but somehow thought it looked a little sophisticated for the way I usually dress. Thus, when I saw the classic flap redone in see-through... I was smitten. It was a great combination of 80's/90's fad (I had clear bags when I was little in the early 90's), this season's mod, and... well, not to offend, but EUROTRASH. (ROFL) So all in all, this was the perfect way for me to make the leap into Chanel... with one of their more offbeat pieces.
  10. If my money was growing on trees, I would buy the naked.... But since it doesnt, I would rather spend money on a leather item, something I would use more.
  11. Hehe, I am pretty bad with money...
  12. my bags are usually messy inside...so no.
  13. Hmmm...I've bought so many bags that weren't leather and in the $1000+ range. Most of them LV and I love them just as much as my Chanel leather bags.

    Emily you could carry a plastic garbage bag and look good lol. I thought that bag was you you you. When you opened it up at LV did you see the Japanese tourists gawking at it haha. I think they left and made a dash to Chanel after that. Have fun carrying it on your Beverly Hills vacay this weekend!
  14. I think its way cute but I've come to the point where paying almost 1 grand for a vinyl, pvc, or denim bag is just crazy!
  15. nope, wouldn't spend 1 grand! but maybe if it were a LOT cheaper, it'd be a fun chanel bag to own.