would u buy something from a zero feedback seller???

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  1. Hi,

    I want to bid on an item but the seller has zero feedback...I've noticed that they've changed user ID recently...in your opinion is it safe to bid?? why would ppl change their user ID anyway? also, since they have no feedback, pay pal protection is only $200..

    the bag has been authenticated in the authenticate this thread thou...

    Thanks! any advice would be appreciated!!
  2. anyone??
  3. Before you bid, ask the seller for more pictures and just have a dialogue via messages to get a feel for the person. Ask if the bag has any smells like perfume or cigarette? Ask how it's been stored, how often it was carried. Ask about wear...

    If these are clearly answered in the listing, ask why they are selling.

    The changing id, maybe they just don't like the one they have, so keep changing til one fits. I'd love to change mine but I can't b/c of my high feedback and a following. If I had zero feedback, i'd change it until got one I really liked a lot.

    Good luck
  4. In my opinion, I will only buy from a zero feedback seller if the item costs less then $100. JMHO. I wouldn't risk it. Regardless of what PP will do or reimburse me if there's a problem. I just don't want to deal with that if I need to take that route.

    At least with an established seller, you can see from their past FB what their selling practices are like, shipping times & fees, condition of item, authenticity, etc. The fact that they have a big donut hole for their FB right now would not sit well with me.

    I realize that everybody needs to start somewhere, but if they're selling high priced items, they should start out buying and establishing their FB there, not selling high priced items.

    I wouldn't risk it.
  5. honestly, absolutely not...
  6. I would not do that...if you really want to buy from that seller..maybe you could ask him/her to take a picture of the bag with a paper which has their user id..so you know that they actually have it in hand...and if it turns out something bad, then you have paypal to cover you...but avoid it if possible!
  7. Nope......I know everyone has to start selling somewhere but I only would if it was $100 or less and I would put it on my Credit Card via Paypal so I could do a chargeback if the item was SNAD or fake or if I did not get it at all KWIM?
  8. Me neither. Never.
  9. I won't take the risk especially since the buyer protection is only $200.
  10. I think I would probably avoid such a seller unless it was a low ticket item. However, if it was something I really wanted that was hard to find, I might try to get a feel for the seller by asking a few questions about the item (in a friendly, non-inquisitorial way). I do think you can tell quite a lot by the tone of replies etc. I would be very cautious though.
  11. I don't sell on eBay, but didn't you all start with zero feedback?
    I mean this kindly as I would like to know how a new person could get "established".
    eBay is a scary place for me.
  12. I'd like to see that they at least had a feedback as a buyer to establish themselves a bit on eBay. They could also sell a few low priced things to build up a reputation as a trustworthy seller. It's a huge risk to buy an expensive item from someone with no background.
  13. No. I skipped so many auctions because the sellers do not have a high enough Buyer's Protection for high priced bags. I've learned my lesson and will never buy from anyone without the $2000 coverage.
  14. I would. that's probably because i'm one of those sellers that recently had to open new accounts left and right due to ebay's new selling restrictions on highend items. I would buy from a zero feedback seller as long as you are sure the item is authentic and would be great if they could send you additional pics possible with their auction id/name on a cardboard in the same pic. I know it's weary to buy from someone with no feedback. But I've seen sellers with a few hundred feedbacks (100% positives) selling fakes and I've seen sellers with feedbacks copying other's listings. Try to ask the seller for more pics (with their names in the pics) so that way you know for sure that they do have the item at least. If they can offer additional receipts that would be even better.
  15. Even if the seller is able to provide additional pictures, there are scammers who have the actual items in hand, would provide additional pictures, but do a bait-n-switch and send out a box of rocks or simply don't ship anything at all. In this case, there is really no way for the buyers to tell if the seller is an honest seller or a scammer. One thing we know for sure though is that the buyer has little to no protection to begin with.