would u buy discontinued LV?

  1. If the bag or wallet you like is going to be discontinued either in production or colour, will you still purchase?:sweatdrop:
  2. yes
  3. Absolutely. I just ordered a bag this is discontinued.
  4. what if its not a popular line and people might think i am holding a fake LV in the future?
  5. Who cares what others think. If it is not a fake and you like it, I don't think it matters that it is discontinued. There are many bags that get discontinued.
  6. you are reading my mind! hi! how are you? are we all going to meet up again once the kids go back to school? :yahoo:
  7. Hi Gabrielle! I would love to do a meet when the kids go back to school. Maybe I'll post something in the meetings forum in a couple of weeks to see if we all can arrange something.
  8. if i like it then yes i would get it, that is what is important. it is kinda cool having discontinued stuff, because it can be more rare.
  9. Ditto!:tup: I've actually had a few discontinued LV's in my collection that I have carried and loved but sold and kept only one because out of all of them, I love it the best. Besides, you'll be the envy of all your friends to be able to have a rare LV!
  10. yes, I would buy it!!! it's a pleasure to have discontinued item!!!
  11. Absolutely!!
  12. yeah
  13. Yes!! I am searching high & low for a Lilac Epi speedy. Why on earth did LV decide to discontinue that color? It's so pretty.
  14. i have a few discontinued items, and i use them a lot, because they're not as common as what's currently in production
  15. Absolutely!
    Anyone can have a current item, but having something that was discontinued shows you are either a long-term LV customer or a discerning collector. ;)

    People who might think it is fake are not of any importance to me.