Would U Bring Your Croco Overseas?

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm going to London on a business trip soon and am thinking of bringing my Croco baby on her first plane trip. She's been hiding in her box for ages and we need quality time together ya know :P

    My SA kept trying to dissuade me, quoting reasons like muggers, slashers, personal security hazards, customs problems, animal rights activists...:nuts:

    Is it really THAT bad?? Would you bring your croco Birkin or Kelly with you overseas? Why or why not?

    Does anyone have any stories, experiences, or nightmares to share so we can all learn from your collective wisdom?

    BTW here she is....ain't she a beauty? Shiny Porosus...:love: :heart: :love:
  2. misspiggy, she is gorgeous!

    I probably would not bring a Croc on any business trip. There are several reasons. One, is that in my field of industry a croc Birkin would probably be viewed as *over the top*. Two, I usually have to bring a suitcase as well as a briefcase, so I would like to have a bag that I carry on my shoulders. Third, I would be too nervous traveling with it, i.e. getting it through x-ray, where do I keep it in the airplane?!
  3. If you decide to take it, take the CITES permit or your may lose bag in customs.
    They can confiscate reptile. I have even hear the extreme of customs taking a reptile watch strap.
    Please be careful.
  4. eww,.. leave her home, you don't want to take any risks getting this baby into danger. I would leave her home.
  5. That is ONE HOT BAG!!!:nuts: To be honest, airport security, muggers, etc. aside I would even be afraid to leave her in my hotel room!!!
  6. OMG taking away your croco/reptile watc strap?!? :nuts: That is scary enough as it is, thanks for the tip. My Birkin has its CITES so that's ok but my croc watch strap doesn't, so I will make sure to leave it at home. Thanks!
  7. Your Birkin is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Major drooling here...:drool: :drool: :drool: How long did you have to wait for your order to be arrived?:love:
  8. You have a beautiful croc! and that color.....:drool:

    I have heard some terrible stories....for instance, like being followed to your hotel, and customs. So, I would probably not suggest it. (JMO)

    Buying a croc has been on my mind alot lately, but I wonder if the lack of usage would sway me to 'not' to buy. Do you use the croc bag alot? If so, where?
  9. i would leave it at home too and bring one of your other H bags. i think it would be too much potential trouble with customs etc. I think you will enjoy your trip better knowing your baby is safe at home.
  10. I know what you all mean. But when you are abroad, you would be on your alert anyway in regards to your valuables. So I'm wondering if there are any brave savvy travellers here who say to heck with it and just lug their exotics overseas? What are your experiences? So you can convince/warn/dissuade the rest of us?? :nuts:

    Personally I would have no qualms about an Ostrich (don't know why) but Croc....hmmm....
  11. JUMPIN JESUS, misspiggy! That is one gorgeous Croc!!!! Wow....taking her on the plane and then through London on a business trip? I wouldn't risk it, personally. That bag is a stunner and it WILL be noticed, thats for sure....hmmmm. I'd be waay too worried to take her.....sometimes I worry about taking my old Croc Kelly to San Francisco when I go!!!! And that's only a 15 minute drive for me!!!!!
  12. I used it quite a bit when I first got it - to show it off <sorry folks I just could NOT help myself :lol: > Mostly functions, parties, trips to the H store so I can see the other shoppers' looks of envy <OMG kill me I'm bad> :nuts: and I never bother to particularly dress up when I'm using it, ala the style of the stars ya know, flip flops + jeans + croco Birkin :supacool: Just let it all hang <hahaha> So yeah this exotic does get her air space and worth every penny may I add.

    I make it a point not to bring it with me to those Chinese Hot Pot dinners coz I've heard a horror story where a waiter spilled a whole pot of piping hot SiChuan soup on a croco Birkin...bye-bye Croco....

    If you are a lover of the brand and like me, you're forever setting your sights on a "higher goal", then a croco Kelly or Birkin is something you should aim for. At least I can die knowing I've reached the Mt.Everest of Bags. Shallow I know but I can't help it. :wlae:
  13. misspiggy, I think you need to update your avatar to include this stunning baby! What an awesome colour! Oooooo .... that glaze. Sexy!
  14. that is freaking hilarious!! i love the way u think!!!! nothing wrong with being shallow right?? :lol: what the heck, me too then!!! anyways, good lordy-poo...ur CROC IS MY DREAM BAG!!!!!!! is that rouge H? rouge VIF? i would totally take that thing anywhere i go, with all the necessary info of course. but i know my DH would be like "leave it at home!!!" :cursing:
  15. Your Croc Bag Is Tdf!