would this work??

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  1. would this key chain look good on my pink heritage stripe tote or would the hardware clash too much?

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  2. I don't necessarily think the hardware would clash too much, but for some reason I think it would look too busy. Maybe it's the stripe being a different color than the pink leather?
  3. I agree with the clashing...

    How about this one:


    Is at the outlets right now :nuts:
  4. It's hard for me to tell without seeing the real item on the bag, but I don't really think it would look bad at all from what I can tell. But the pink flower would look super cute too I think.
  5. my pink patchwork flower is waiting for its pink heritage striped pouch! :yes: i think it's a perfect match with this design!
  6. I agree, the pink flower is purrrrfect! The hardware matches, and the colours enhance the Heritage bag's colours and stripes! Your pink Heritage is gorgeous. I have the grass/khaki version myself! I put the initial letter (dark blue/natural brown) on mine with the same matching brass hardware. Enjoy!

    Take care,
  7. ooh i didnt see that pink flower that may go better, i really like the dog but i can just put it on my car keys instead. thanks for showing me that