Would this work for school/laptop?

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  1. I have a slim 13 inch, and if I am just carrying my laptop, would this work? 5364_GMNV_d2.jpg
  2. I think it should work.. It looks pretty large to me.
  3. I like it.
  4. Yeah...but with that kind of handle you would have to hand hold it which might get old. I like being able to put mine on my shoulder....will that one fit on your shoulder?
  5. agreed. i personally couldn't carry my laptop around unless it was a shoulder bag...
  6. Which shoulder bag would you recommend to carry a laptop? Mine is 14L x 10.5W.
  7. How about one of the Legacy Briefs or a Messenger Bag?
  8. ^^Doesn't it come with a detachable strap?
  9. are these bags made for laptops?

    yes - you can probably put a laptop in one...but does it provide the protection (ie - cushy sides) against impact so your computer doesn't get damaged?
  10. if it does, i'm sure that would work.
  11. I have a hamptons business tote from the boutique earlier this year. I also have a messenger and large book tote from the outlets...those are both a couple years old or more...but the outlets always have some variation of both those bags.
  12. are you guys comfortable with your laptop on your shoulder? or are you like me and can only bring a laptop with a messenger/backpack?
  13. I do okay with it on my shoulder...but do switch to the messenger if I'll be carrying it for an extended period (ie traveling through airports). But I don't put a lot of other stuff in the bag...usually my laptop, power cord, notebook, planner, pens, highlighter, lotion, some medicine bottles.