Would this make you mad?

  1. Not too long ago I bought one of my close friends a Coach diaper bag as a baby shower present for her first child. She was really into Coach and we had talked about her wanting one. Right after I bought it for her she went out and bought a baby looney toons diaper bag. And then not too long after that she was talking about how she wanted a Juicy Couture diaper bag (this is within a matter of months). We even went shopping for one several times (she never found the exact one she was looking for). Maybe it is silly but I felt offended that she wanted a different diaper bag so soon after I bought her one (and a cheaper one at that!). More often than not it seems like she would end up taking out the Looney Toons one as well. Maybe its just me but if someone bought me something of that nature I would make it a point to carry it when I knew that I was going somewhere with that person. And I sure wouldnt take them shopping for a replacement bag. Also some months after buying the diaper bag for her my birthday passed and I didnt even get a "happy birthday". This frustrated me further. I have now taken the stance that I will no longer be buying her presents of any sort.

    Am I being petty? :shrugs:
  2. I also would be upset, and my feelings would have been hurt, especially after buying such a generous gift. Looney Tunes over coach? To be honest, she should have never mentioned to you that she wanted a Juicy bag either.
  3. I would be upset..come on...why didn't you ask her..didn't she like the coach bag you give her??
  4. Ooh I'd be upset too... At first I was thinking that your friend just didn't want to use her Coach diaper bag bc she was afraid she'd get it dirty or mess it up so that's why she bought the Looney Tunes one. But after she told you she wanted a Juicy one and then forgot your birthday, it seems like she's a little bit ungrateful :hrmm: I wouldn't buy her anymore gifts.. she doesn't seem very gracious in accepting them.
  5. Not at all, Lisa. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't buy that friend any more presents.
  6. Hmm, it wouldn't make me mad. I guess I don't see anything wrong with wanting more than one diaper bag! She probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
  7. Thanks guys. I guess the reason I am thinking about this so much is because she is pregnant again (she pulled a B. Spears) - Is it okay for me not to get her anything. I was thinking of dropping off a small (aka cheap) gift for the baby once she delivers the second baby.
  8. ^ Get her a Tiny Toons diaper bag to match with her Looney Toons one :angel:
  9. I didnt even get a thank you card or anything and know she sent them out to everyone else. That also bothered me. Does she feel like she doesnt have to? Her husband didnt even say thank you or acknowledge the purchase. And he knows the price of Coach b/c he has bought her several bags from there.
  10. After giving one of my gf's a lv bag, I vowed to never buy another one for anyone cause they just don't appreciate it.
  11. Oh Lisa, that is in BAD FORM! Inexcusable. In that case, I would be mad, too!:yucky:
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. :flowers: But I am going seriously cheap - less than $20.
  13. That is it EXACTLY...I felt she had no appreciation for how much I spent. Almost like it was expected.
  14. i would feel sad instead of mad. i'm the kind of person that would cry alone in my room if my friends doesn't remember my bday...
  15. That is so rude. I would be really annoyed. I can't believe some people. I have had some bags brought for me that aren't my taste but I would always use them and be really thankful for the thought. I can't believe how rude she is being. I would def not bother with any presents in the future and just maybe she will get the hint:idea: