would this look funny used as a clutch?

  1. hi,

    i just BIN-ed this from eBay (thanks to the authenticate thread). i love the colour and think that it's very cute. however, i'm wondering if this would look strange to use as a clutch (eg. like when attending the occasional wedding parties when i need a little clutch?).

    dimension from the eBay auction is 8"x5"x3.25".

    from the picture, it looks like it narrows towards the zipper top.

    thanks for looking and any opinions would be appreciated:heart:
  2. I have that same bag in a multicolored woven style. (see the reference library style=accessories thread) I use mine to hold misc stuff in my purse, but have used it as a clutch on occasion.
  3. I think it would be fine, quite pretty actually. Its shape makes it a little awkward to carry as a clutch though.
  4. I bought a small cosmetics case from NAP to use as a clutch with approx the same dimensions but it looked too small to carry as a clutch so I returned it, I think as jburgh said it would look better inside a bag for misc things.
  5. There are two sizes of this style - the bigger one (which is the one you bought) could certainly be used as a clutch and would look lovely, but the base is a bit wide as noted above so the one issue is that it might be a bit difficult to carry comfortably unless you hold it on the top. The smaller size is an inch or so smaller each way and would probably be too small to use as a clutch. I have the large in the same colour as you just bought and use it in my purse to hold all the small things that otherwise roll around in there!
  6. thanks for your opinions:flowers:. i really appreciate it.
  7. It's gorgeous and I think it would make a great clutch. The zippers make it a tad more casual than the traditional formal clutch, and personally like that aspect of it.
  8. I think it would do fine as a clutch, but due to the wider base, you would have to hold the bottom in the palm of your hand to make it comfortable. I use a small BV flap cosmetic case that has a wide base and it makes a great clutch when held by the base.