Would this hairstyle be Offensive?

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  1. Would it be offensive to take my 8 year old to an African-American hairdresser for braids before she goes to her dad’s over the winter break?
    She’s 1/2 American (well, 1/2 Texan ) & 1/2 Arab.

    Little background:
    I’ve been divorced a little over 3 years, but until very recently my ex had very limited visitation with no overnights. She was with him 4 days over Thanksgiving & came back with her long curly hair in a solid mass — he’d done nothing with it. Her dad lives in Iowa.
  2. I don't think so. Anyone should be able to wear braids. I can see why you would want a hairstyle for your daughter that requires minimal maintenance if he doesn't help her take care of it.
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  3. Thanks.
  4. Not offensive at all. No ethnicity “owns” any hairstyle.

    More importantly, you need to do what is best for your daughter. And, you may be also helping her to appreciate a tiny sliver of another culture.

    I say go for it.
  5. Braids traditional in Eastern Europe BTW and still very popular on kids.
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  6. Offensive to whom? The public? Your ex? The hairstylist? Since you detailed your personal situation with divorce and ex, I’m not understanding where you are coming from with this.
  7. I don’t think it’s offensive but for anyone who has SJWs in their lives, buyer beware. :lol: There are people who will think it’s offensive. Your daughter probably won’t run into too many of them in Iowa however.

    For anyone who knows no SJWs, they would call it cultural appropriation.
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  8. SJW?
  9. Social Justice Warrior
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  10. I don't see a problem with it and think it's a good idea so her hair won't get all knotted up.
    If you are worried about your ex thinking something about it, maybe talk to him before hand and tell him you'll have her hair braided so he won't have to worry about hair care while she's with him.
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  11. Yes this is what I’m concerned about.
  12. Well maybe to the hairstylist or AA people in general?
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  13. Ah. Ok. I get what you are asking now. I see no reason but I don’t feel qualified to adequately answer. Seems like a lot of people get offended in the United States nowadays.
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  14. I'm black and I don't see anything offensive about it. Having said that, how well cornrows (assuming that's what you mean) hold up has a lot to do with hair texture. If she has afro textured hair, they can last a good while if cared for properly. If it's straight, I can't really comment on longevity but they don't appear to hold as long.
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  15. She has VERY curly but soft hair. If you know MENA people you'll be familiar with the hair type.