Would this fit in a top handle pouch?

  1. There are 2 hamptons bagscoming out that I am debating over - the one in my signature (carry all), and this one(pouch): http://www.coach.com/assets/product_images/drilldown1/41041_d1.jpg

    Typically I use large bags, but I am really loving the fabric strip down the middle of the top handle pouch as opposed to the large one with the embossed strip (I'm wishy washy, I know!). I know they are relatively small, so I was wondering if I cut down to these items,if they would fit in the top handle pouch?

    -cell phone
    -mini skinny
    -lip gloss

    any chance that all of that stuff will fit? feel free to give me any opinions on the top handle pouch if you own one.
  2. Depending on how big the sunglass case is, I am sure.
  3. I agree with Coachfreak, depends on your sunglass case. I don't know if bigger bags will come out with the stripe you like or not but you could wait just a bit and see what pops up!
  4. IF you have a slim sunglasses case, or if you don't mind stuffing your glasses in without a case, then it would fit.
  5. Well, luckily my sunglass case is a little thing made out of cotton with a pull string, haha, so it wont take up much room at all. There are some adorable pouches out there, I just dont know how practical they are.
  6. I just got a carly pouch and really like it! I've been using it for quick runs to town when I only need a mini skinny, cell phone and keys! It's very handy!
  7. I think so, those can actually hold a lot. And they are sooo cute! I love them!
  8. you will have room...
  9. Everything should fit this is what i put in my tattersall pouch:
    mini skinny
    calorie counter machine
    cell phone
    eye glass cleaner

    I can fit more in my pouch than I can in my hobo. Hope this answers your question.
  10. Yes only concern is sunnies.
  11. I think everything will fit as well, as long as you dont have Coach sunglasses with that bulky case. That is one of the reasons I have to carry a larger bag - that case doesnt fit in any of the smaller bags if you have other items in it.
  12. I've had several top handle pouches and agree with what's been said already about the sunglasses. It's a roomy, little bag, but the sunnies might not squeeze in.