Would this dress look good on a blonde?

  1. It would depend on what shade of blonde your hair was. Is your hair light or dark blonde?
  2. It also depends on your skin tone. If your skin is quite pink, it tends to be not so great (or at least, this is my feeling).

    I'm blonde, and I like this colour.
  3. Depends on ur skin tone as well as hair color. If your really pale then i think this dress would wash you out and make you look yellowish
  4. What's your skin tone?
    I agree, if you're not pretty tan, this is too monochromtic for a blonde.
  5. ^^agree with the other ladies....it depends on your skin tone and on the shade of blonde you've got...!
  6. wow. I love this dress. I am also a blonde and I love it. I would however have a spray tan before I wore it. But I really love the dress. You have gorgeous taste :smile:
  7. I am blonde, fair and can pull off wearing gold. Buy it and if you don't like it, return it.
  8. i'm a pale (think 40's pin up porcelain) blonde and i personally would stay faaaaar away from that dress. however, if you're very tan, i think it would be ok. it's a beautiful dress though. lelgin has a good point...this is what return policies are for! :yes:
  9. ^ Same here. I can wear some golds, but this particular one wouldn't do anything for my colouring (Sophie Dahl territory), unfortunately.

    I might also look naked from a distance! :shame:

    Pretty on a warm or tanned skin-tone, though. :yes: