Would this cure your addiction?

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  1. Let's say you have 5 LV bags on your wish list. Would it be better to buy them all at once and get it over with or buy one each month for 5 months in a row?

    Which way would help cure/treat your addiction better?:love: :love:
  2. i think i would prefer to buy one at a time...
    so that i will spend "quality" time with the new bag...
    i think each bag deserves its own spot light and time to be the favorite (of the moment)... hehehe:girlsigh:
  3. I would buy one a month.
  4. Thats like asking a crack whore if she wants to shoot up all at once or once a day? Your an addict. Just face the addiction girl!!!! :smile:
  5. I'd get them all at once. The credit card statement will give me the willies for MONTHS to come !

    I'd still be an addict though. There's no cure to Mr. Vuitton - you're hooked for life !
  6. you'd be hooked either way!
  7. Same here:yes: But I don't think this will cure my addiction:rolleyes:
  8. yeah and if you already have -five- LV bags on your wish list... you are already hooked.. it won't "cure" the addiction... it will only delay the "withdrawl" in between purchases... :yahoo:
  9. I would get one each month and then would have to go through withdrawl for the next year.
  10. I like to buy everything all at once!!! Then I get so appalled that I don't buy anything for a while...
  11. I don't think that could cure or appall me ever, so one a month would be great.
  12. One a month =)
  13. I like the idea of spreading them out one each month. Personally I would feel less guilty about my obsession, lol!
  14. I would buy one a month because it would give me something else to look forward to. I like the whole shopping experience, and I think that each bag deserves its own special time. If you are anything like I am, I would go buy the five of them at one time ,but then still go back to the store in a month to get a sixth one. This is a never ending addiction.
  15. LMAO.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: .Exactly what I thought...

    I think I would rather have one bag each month otherwise I will buy 5 now and will buy again..

    No cure for this addiction girl..