Would this BUG you guys.......HELP!!


what should I do??

  1. exchange it

  2. ignore it

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  1. OK so I got my new large khaki/choc carly yesterday all the way down (about 45 mins one way) at the store I pretty much only shop at (cuz I love the store mgr). There is another shop closer but still about 25 mins away, one way.

    Anywho, it has a scratch on the strap of it, it seems more like an inside scratch or like indented.........not sure how to explain it other than it didn't break the leather..........does that make sense. Would you bother exchanging it or no. I saw it there when I bought it but I really didn't think any thing of it and I was w/my two brats who of course were driving me nuts....so I left w/this bag.

    what should I do?? ignore it or exchange it??
    scratch1.jpg scratch2.jpg
  2. Is that the all leather Carly or the sig? Just asking because if it's the leather choc and you want to return it for another , you might have a hard time finding another one.
    Could you ask for them to take more $$$ off the price and live with the scratch?
    I would probably exchange it for another one if it's available!

    oops i see you said the sig in your post. Maybe you can find another and exchange it!
  3. exchange if u can but really i dont think it is a huge deal.
  4. If it's gonna keep bothering you, then exchange it. If you think you can live with it, keep it. I know, I'm not really a big help :lol:
  5. I say if it really bothers you exchange it if they have one.
  6. One part of me says exchange it, for that price it should be perfect ! However the other part says that if it were already "blemished" then you don't have to dread the first time something happens but that is just how I would look at it. I have 2 kids , my kids act like brats every time I go into Coach too !
  7. Is the indent IN the leather? Sometimes there are natural lines like that IN the leather, kinda like a birthmark! Is the rest of the Carly OK? I think I would keep it b/c you never know what may be wrong w/ the next one! If this one is perfect except for that, I'd keep it. At least the siggy isnt pulled or something!!!! But, if YOU cant live w/ it, and it will annoy you ALL the time, then exchange it, it's not worth it for what you paid for it!
  8. If it really bothers you, definitely exchange it! I've also had something similar happen to me. When I bought my medium chocolate signature Carly, there was a "scratch" on the leather of the handle. It's kind of hard to describe and didn't really look like a scratch, only a variation in the texture of the leather, which is what I assumed it was. When I was at the store buying it, the SA brought it out for me to examine before purchasing and I noticed the "scratch" right away, but the rest of the bag was perfect, so I decided to overlook it. I thought that with use, it might rub away or blend into the leather. It's still there but it doesn't really bother me that much now. In the beginning it bothered me and I did think about exchanging it but it seemed kind of silly because it was hard to call it a scratch. But you should definitely exchange yours if it bothers you. I agree with others that for the money you paid, it should be perfect!
  9. it would bother me so much! but if there isn't another one, what can you do?
  10. I don't think it would bug me that much that I would return it. But, if it is going to bug you then I feel you should exchange it. For that much money, you should be completely happy!
  11. It wouldn't bother me... But If it REALLY bothers you then exchange it! :yes:
  12. It wouldn't bother me, either. It just looks like a natural leather marking to me and no bag (especially leather) is going to be perfect. I agree with Mrs. MC -- you aren't going to keep any bag blemish free so embrace the fact that this bag already has it's "first mark" so to speak.
  13. I agree with Tara and mokoni but what really matters is what you think...
  14. If you think it is going to bother you then exchange it... I don't think it would bother me. I just figure it is going to look like that in a year anyway.

    Congrats on your new bag!!!
  15. It looks fine to me. If you are going to scrutinize a bag that closely, you are going to be searching a long time to find a perfect bag.