Would this bother you?

  1. I’ve had my Speedy 30 for a month or so and just noticed that the stitching isn’t done right on one of the handles. Normally little flaws like this wouldn’t bother me but when I spend $1000 on a bag, I’d hope it would be perfect. It doesn’t hinder the use of the bag at all and is so small I just now noticed it after a month but now I feel like it’s all I’ll focus on when I look at it. I bought it online but texted my SA that sold me my first bag to see if she could help. What do you all think? I’m still fairly new to the LV world so I’d appreciate any advice from you veterans. IMG_1541799805.464029.jpg
  2. Oh no. That is definitely a stitching issue! It would bother me too.
  3. Yes that would bother me tons!
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  4. That definitely needs to go back to the store. Did you send your SA a picture? I would certainly not be happy with that, so don't worry that you are being too picky.
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  5. For the money that would bother me too - maybe they can replace it?
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  6. No, take it back!
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  7. Yes that would bother me too,
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  8. Absolutely return...
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  9. Return! That’s just unacceptable at the price of the bag.
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  10. That would disturb me too!
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    Let me see. I guess it would bother me if I had noticed. But I don’t inspect my bags for imperfections. Foolish as it may be, I just buy my bags to enjoy them.

    Now let me pull out the 11 LV bags I bought these past few months and get out that magnifying glass. :lol: Not being sarcastic. I need glasses. :biggrin:

    Oh yes, definitely take it back.
  12. That's something that would definitely that bother me.
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  13. That’s not normal. Take it back.
  14. That would bother the heck out of me!

    Return it. That’s unacceptable. It’s a huge mistake.
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  15. Yes, it would bother me.
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