would this bother you?

  1. Does the embossing on the left seen lighter? one pic is with a flash, the other without. this is my first empriente bag and i don't know if that matters- meaning all the embossing lightens over time. thank you!!! 20170421_064936.jpeg 20170421_065025.jpeg
  2. It clearly bothers YOU. So who cares what any of us think on here. Go exchange it.
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  3. meh. i could live with it but knowing this board exists thought i would ask of this is a normal variation for empriente leather. if yes, then i am fine with it and want the bag. if not, i return it. if normal then it doesn't bother me enough to return. if not normal, it's going back.
  4. This is normal and would not bother me on a lager scale or slouchy bag.
    It is hard to judge from the pictures but if it is noticeable just exchange while you can.
  5. I don't find it normal at all. The embossing on the seems practically non existent. For a bag THAT expensive I would expect perfection. I would exchange it. Good luck.
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  6. If you bugs you now, then it will always bug you! I reckon go and exchange it for another. FYI, empreinte embossing does vary from item to item. I have two items.

    The key cles denim is not very deep at all, but the latest noir zcp I bought is very deep and it's gorgeous. I'm still happy either way.
  7. I would exchange it. What's the point of buying an embossed bag? Then it will just look like a plain leather bag and all of the pretty monogram pattern will be lost. I have a ZCP in Empreinte and all the embossing is deep and even. I don't think I would be happy if it was already flat.
  8. If you noticed it then it will always bother you. Exchange it if you can :smile:
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    Just received mine in noir...it's the same as yours. Think I'm going to return??? Even if it was the same as the right side I'd be totally fine, but it's quite noticeably lighter especially compared to the flap & back

    EDIT: ok I'm returning. Too bothersome.
  10. I would exchange it. That is actually one of the reasons I bought my canvas twinset over a noir emp one I was looking at. Maybe see if they have another PM in stock that doesnt have that but I think with emp it is rather common, especially on the noir ones it seems.
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  11. In my experience, if you notice a flaw the very first moment you look at a new item, it's always going to be in the back of your mind- eventhough you do get used to it in time. For a bag this expensive, that's not a chance I'd like to take, but that, of course, depends on the person.
  12. update- I exchanged and am very glad i did! thanks!
  13. Go to LV and talk to them, normally they are friendly! Good luck!:smile:
  14. If it bothers you, definitely exchange it!