Would this bother you?

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  1. #1 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    Sorry for the repost but I just need to get everyone's thoughts...it was really hard hunting down the the blk gold braided boy bag in the old medium size. Only Nordstrom picked up this bag in this size and color combo. I'm in NYC and was able to locate one at the flagship store in Seattle.

    It's always hard buying a luxury item over the phone and trusting the SA's opinion o the condition of the bag. I told the SA that I'm extremely picky and the bag has to be perfect and in pristine condition and she ensured me it was.

    I anxiously tracked and patiently awaited for the arrival of my bag. Upon examination, I noticed a few imperfections. There is a weird crease on one side of the bag and there are two areas near the bottom of the flap where the leather is scraped off. This will probably happen with normal wear but if I'm spending so much, I would expect the bag to be perfect.

    I contacted the SA right away. She was really accommodating and was able to locate another one for me. I anxiously awaited the arrival of the second bag. To my surprise, the second bag was in worst condition than the first! It also had a bad crease, a few scrapes and the pattern of the braid was sewn slanted causing one side of the bag to puff up.

    I have attached the pics below. Would this bother you or am I being too picky? I really love the bag and know if I return it, I will not be able to find another one.

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  2. .

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  3. last pic

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  4. Is this the first or second bag? To be honest the small imperfections wouldn't bother me (1st/2nd pic) but if you can't live with it and will constantly think about it, you may want to return it and move onto another bag. Does the side crease smooth out when you put stuff into it? If you love it a LOT, keep it! You could regret letting this beautiful Boy go. You have to do what's right for you though! Good luck.
  5. this is the first one...I didn't bother taking pics of the second since the first was the better of the two. I packed it back up and shipped it back. my cc bill was a little scary since I had to charge both. there was a waiting list for the bag so it already found a new home!

    I've only taken the bag out once but I keep it stuffed with tissue. I'm just worried the crease will get worse over time with wear. I do love the bag though and am leaning towards overlooking the imperfections.
  6. It would bother me since you're forking over a lot of money for these luxury items.
  7. Yes it would bother me
  8. hmmm, i'm super picky too (and have been in a similar situation recently!). it's hard to say. the two little scraped areas are probably easily correctable but the crease....i'm not that familiar with the boy, does it affect the way that the bag stands up? I have come to the realization that most SAs are not nearly as anal as some of us are as we see each and every little imperfection! if these things are going to bother you, return it as they will always bother you. If you can learn to accept them and really don't think you will be able to find another one, you can keep it. good luck!
  9. There will always be other Boys that you will fall in love with. These bags are not cheap And I think you have every rights to be picky. Don't settle and be unhappy if it bothers you. In the end, you should feel joy and happiness each time you look at your Boy. Good luck deciding :smile:
  10. I would probably not notice the scratches, I'm terrible with those things. :amuse:
  11. I appreciate your feedback. the crease doesn't affect the way it stands up I'm just worried that it will crack over time when the leather ages.

    honestly I'm surprised that they shipped me two bags and neither were perfect. you would think for such an expensive bag, their quality would be better. both of the bags were wrapped as though they were never opened or displayed so I really think it came from the chanel factory that way which is really disappointing!
  12. where?
  13. I'm on various SA email distros for celine and chanel. when I saw this bag it was love at first sight and it's been a while since I've come across a chanel bag that I felt like I had to own.
  14. I have this bag and I love it!!! I didn't have that same issue but my chain sometimes would not be straight from being kept in box so I always have to play with it. But I am in love with this boy and it looks like the imperfections will have that used look in the future so I wouldn't return it. However, if you're going to keep thinking about it and the creases keep bothering you when you use it then I'd say return it.
  15. Yes, it would bother me. Even non-branded bags that I own do not have such flaws like those that you've shown in your pictures.