Would this bother you?

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  1. Hi, I bought an oak bayswater just over 2 weeks ago from Harrods. I've used it literally a handful of times (it's been raining pretty much constantly!) and the inking where the handle joins the bag is cracking. I've tried collonil gel on it but it's not helped at all :sad: I'm sure this does happen over time anyway but it's still so new. I have contacted Harrods about it, awaiting reply. I don't want to send it in to Mulberry because I will have to wait while it's repaired and I don't think it's fair after this amount of time. Also mulberry customer services probably think I am an obsessive crazy person because I have quality issues with pretty much every bag I buy! Will try to attach picture but have never done it before...

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  2. Yes, that would deffo annoy me too! I am like you, my bag has to be perfect, after all you spend all that money on it! I would try and take it back? Don't know whether thats possible though...fingers crossed it is! :smile:
  3. Yes that would for sure bother me!
  4. Yes, that would bother me, too! Not acceptable after a handful of outings ...
  5. Yes, definitely - you need the handles to be strong or the bag will be no use!

    And at Mulberry prices, you should be able to rely on high quality - not your fault if you have experienced a few quality issues...
  6. Yes ESPECIALLY with how high the prices are!
  7. Yes would definitely bother me too. I understand the reasons you don't want to send it back to Mulberry but what outcome are you looking for.

    Was it in the sale? I guess the best Harrods will do if that is the case is give you a refund as they won't have anymore. If you paid full price then that's a lot different, I would be asking them to replace it pronto.
  8. Thank you for all your replies. So good to know I'm not the only one who sees it as a problem. Mulberrygal- I bought it full price (mad I know!) definitely want it replaced with a like for like. Should I be asking Mulberry or Harrods? In theory my contract so to speak is with Harrods as I paid them for it, it was bought online so not in the Mulberry concession instore. Feel really sad about it to be honest, love this bag and just don't need this hassle :sad:
  9. Oh my, not good at all, the rain I hope has had nothing to do with it I would have thought.

    I had a chat with the online team at m.com and we got onto price increases and quality. The lady said not only were there improvements in the leathers but used inking as an example, she said inking is now done layer upon layer upon layer and it rubbed down between each layer, thus much more time and energy is put into each bag.

    I would want it replaced rather than repaired, some bags just have no end of problems from reading on here
  10. I would take it up with mulberry because they have a one year warranty on the new items
  11. Wow that surprises me, this is the first inking problem I have had, all my older bags were fine. The inking is perfect elsewhere on this bag though, it is just this part. I think the postman lock seems to be noticibly better quality, maybe they have improved them too.
  12. I would be annoyed as well! Especially since the bag was purchased at full price and only been out for less than a month! I would probably contact Mulberry and see what they can do about it. It should be covered under warranty right?

  13. If you paid full price I would definitely expect it to be replaced and not repaired. I would email Harrods and let them know you want a Perfect replacement. Are they still showing as in stock on their website.

    Harrods online service is sadly well know for sending out poor quality items and there stock showing is quite often incorrect and not available. Trouble is its not a specific online site, they just pick them from in store which means quite often they have been on display and handled quite a bit. Shame you didn't go to Mulberry direct as it would have been sent from the stock room with plastic on locks etc

    I would definitely also email Mulberry customer services and tell them what has happened and how you don't want such an expensive bag repaired but a replacement and what is best to do. I have always found Mulberry customer services to be enormously helpful
  14. Thank you again for your responses. I have emailed Rebecca at Mulberry now too, awaiting reply. Harrods have said I can send it back for a refund and 'if' it is deemed faulty they will refund me but cannot exchange. Trouble is I did buy it over the rewards weekend and received 10% discount, meaning I cannot buy this bag for the same price again. 10% is quite a big deal on £895... Will wait to see what Mulberry say now.
  15. Arhhhhhh yes well worth getting on the 10% weekends, definitely makes a lot of difference.

    In that case if you don't want the refund guess you could have it repaired by Mulberry but of course that means you will be without for a little while.

    Let us know what Rebecca says, I have always found her brilliant :buttercup:and very helpful.................maybe they will come through with a new bag, fingers crossed for you