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  1. [​IMG]

    I ordered this off the Lord and Taylor website. I had bought this bag before directly from Coach but I returned it. Then I missed it and when I saw it on sale on L&T's website I ordered it. When I opened it my eye when directly to the line in the hardware. This is why I dislike ordering online.
  2. I posted an identical picture a few days ago….I had not noticed the plastic protector on the hardware and hadn't removed it!
  3. That's it!!!!!.I can't thank you enough! !!!! :ty::urock:
  4. Was about to say, does it still have the protective film on the hardware?
  5. I never would have known. I had to pick away at it before it came loose. Glad I came here.
  6. Enjoy your new bag! What is it?
  7. Thank you. Its the Glitter Lizard sm Sadie.
  8. YaY! What bag is it?
  9. Very pretty! Mine was on a small Sadie also! It wasn't all wrapped up nicely either, so I really didn't suspect the plastic!
  10. LOL! I've carried bags for years with the protective cover still in place.
  11. I did the exact same thing. My Sadie was carried around with that plastic on her until it finally came loose about a month later. ;)
  12. Glad your problem was so easily solved.

  13. I am guilty of this too :giggles:
  14. I'm glad you sorted out the problem so easily! (And I LOVE the cute kitty in your avatar LVbaglady!)
  15. Thank you. His name is Smitten. He's 13 going on 14.