Would this bother you?

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  1. I got my Clichys just a little while ago and I love them, BUT...the cut on each shoe is a little different. I'm talking only 2-3 milimeters, but still noticeable (to me at least). The left foot has more material by my pinky...and the right shoe has less so it shows more toe clevage. I can't decide if this is a problem for me. Help me decide. This is the last size they had, so I either return them for something else or I learn to love their slight imperfections. Tell me if you recognize it in the pictures. TIA :heart:
    lin's portfolio 012 467x350.jpg lin's portfolio 010 467x350.jpg lin's portfolio 016 467x350.jpg lin's portfolio 019 467x350.jpg
  2. Here I oulined the problem I see.
    clichy 1 467x350.jpg clichy 2 467x350.jpg clichy 3 467x350.jpg
  3. Not obvious to me at all - had to stare real hard to see what you meant. I'd keep them, they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  4. Here's a picture of me standing in them.
    clichy 002 467x350.jpg
  5. i dunno. i noticed it but i'm anal about that stuff
  6. thank you ms piggy! My leopard peanut wedges are like this too, but it doesn't bother me as much as these. It should be no big deal, but I would just prefer if they were perfect. LOL
  7. I know! I was so happy to get them, but noticed the imperfection the moment I put them on. Ugh!
  8. This may be due to the fact that normally people have one foot a slightly different size to the other. If it is this then there's not much you can do about it.

    Looking at your photos the difference is vey, very slight and I think you will be the only one who will be aware of it. If you like them I'd advise you to keep them.
  9. Oh, that's tough! I actually think they look lovely, and no one would ever notice, but I like my things to be perfect too! Maybe it's just something you can chalk up to the fact that they are handmade. ;)

    Will they get another pair in your size?
  10. i see what you mean (since you circled it lol) but are you sure it's the shoe and not your feet? i think most people's feet are different sizes or are not perfectly matched so it just might be your toes and not the shoes. i think they look perfect on you!
  11. ^^Thanks. :heart: Naturally I would think it's just my feet...but I actually did some measuring with a tape measure and it's about a 2mm or so difference. lol Plus, can you see what I mean in this pic without my feet in it? I think I'm just anal.
    lin's portfolio 010 467x350.jpg
  12. I also wondered if it was not because of the natural differences in our feet and not the shoe. I don't think most people will notice and if the clichy's are comfortable I would say keep them.
  13. Eleni, I wouldn't necessarily be bothered by it. I only noticed it in your pics because you pointed it out. I would be highly aware, but once I went about my business in them, I would lose that awareness of it. I think it is just the cut of the shoe, and not an imperfection or defect. My leopard pony pigalles are like that, where there is more toe cleavage for my right foot, but it might be because my right foot is smaller. I chalk it up to the cut of the shoe, it just feels cut slightly wider/lower. If the difference does not have an impact when you walk and wear them, then you should keep them.
  14. i see what you mean. and i know what you mean- i think most of us are anal esp because they're so spency!! we want perfection darn it! but honestly i think they're fine and i agree- the more you wear them the less you'll notice. you never know, they could stretch out and do that on the other foot too! (oy, did i just cause more problems? lol)
  15. I have to admit I didn't notice the difference until you pointed it out. But I know what you mean - my red karey decolletes have a crease in the patent and it does annoy me whenever I catch a glimpse of it. But having said that I still feel a goddess wearing them and I get tons of compliments on them :shrugs:. If yours make you feel good just roll with it - the joy of handmade shoes is in their individuality :yes:?