Would this bother you?

  1. Hmmmm.... interesting... I don't know - it doesn't look bad, I mean you probably wouldn't even notice it wasn't supposed to be like that if it wasn't pointed out. On one hand, I would want mine to look like it's supposed to look, kwim? On the other hand, it's kinda cool that there's some unique ones made... okay I know that totally did not help at all! lol
  2. yes it would, i'd be mad and return it or complain about it. It should be perfect
  3. Simone You said just what I'm thinking :lol:
  4. I just called the boutique I purchased mine and they said all of the ones they had were like that. Never noticed it otherwise, so I guess I'll keep mine.
  5. The quality of the embossing should be even, meaning deep on all the different cuts of the vernis leather. If it wasn't, it would bug me to no end. However, I think it's cool to have one of the non-embossed new Cles, it's kind of special.
  6. i think i would want one with the continuing monogram on the back.
  7. Mine does not have the missing pattern, but the back is shallow embossed and the front is deeply embossed. I'm kind of upset about it, but not sure what I'm going to do. I don't feel like exchanging it. One amarante cles I looked at had a scratch on the vernis. I bought the pomme. This is my first vernis piece, so I don't know what to think about it. UGH!!
  8. LOL! Great minds think alike... ;)
  9. Just looked at mine and it doesn't have the contineous pattern on the backside. It doesn't bother me.
  10. It sounds as if you aren't too happy with it... if that's the case, why don't you exchange it?
  11. I think it would bother me. I looked at the pictures and I like the one with the continuing monogram pattern better. Good luck in deciding!
  12. I guess I'm lazy.....I live in Vegas and don't feel like dealing with the strip. LOL I think I'll go down and look at what they have left. It does bug me, but sometimes I feel like I should expect everything to be perfect.....when in reality, nothing is really perfect, kwim?
  13. Hmm, I would've never noticed unless the other hadn't been posted up. Both my pomme and violette cles have the missing monogram so at least they match but the LV imprint seems to be consistent on both sides.

    This problem with the missing monogram piece seems to be fairly widespread. Perhaps the one with the extra monogram insert is the special catch? :confused1:
  14. I dunno, I don't think this would actually bother me that much because I'm after the colour when I look to vernis pieces !