Would this bother you???

  1. If your luggage tag was "Made in USA", but the handbag it is attached to is "Made in France"? When I was at the LV boutique the other day, the luggage tag that was on the bag I was buying had a big spot on it, so the SA took a tag from another bag and gave me that one. I didn't notice that it was made in a different country. Would this bother you?

    By the way, I plan to take pics of my new beauty soon! Thanks :heart:
  2. that would drive me nuts :wtf: but then again my bf does say i have mental issues :sweatdrop:

    i took my damier speedy back to LV to switch it for one made in france....i think you should definitely switch it if it's something that's gonna bug u :yes:
  3. if it bothers you, i know it wouldnt necessarily bother me, then take it back and get something you are happy with.
  4. I don't think it would unless both "Made in..." stamps were visible from the outside at the same time. That would look a bit odd.
  5. If it bothers you go back to the boutique to see if you could change the luggage tag to match your bag. Good luck!
  6. I'm a bit fussy about details, so yea, this would bother me though I know I would tell myself it's no big deal, but, I would not stop thinking about that. :p
  7. Is this the Lodge? If so, just take the luggage tag off it, you don't exactly need it on there. And really, it's not a big deal. The luggage tags are made separately from the bags (and are more common so many are made in the U.S.) so it's not odd for them to be made in 2 different locations.
  8. I'm exactly the same way!! I think that means I'll have to get a new one...thanks everyone for your thoughts!!
  9. Lol... Then just get it exchanged, rather than letting it drive you crazy. :yes: :p
  10. No, not the Lodge...its the Antigua Cabas MM in pink! If I wasn't so pooped, I would get my butt off the couch and take a pic! Its beautiful :love:

    I wonder if anyone else has a bag/tag matching issue?
  11. I think that it would definitely bother me. Can't wait for pics!
  12. If it bothers you, I think you should change it. And in the future if you want to resell it, it may be a tad difficult too with the difference.
  13. It sure as hell would bother me! I'd exchange it- you'll never be completely satisfied with your bag with that nagging at the back of your mind.
  14. How pretty!
    I'd just take the tag off though since it's not really necessary to have it on.
  15. I think it would bother me too. SO thinks I'm nuts.