Would this bother you?

  1. I bought a red Epi pochette last month, and bought a silver extender at the boutique, as the pochette has silver hardware.

    As an early graduation present, my sister bought me a Damier azur pochette. I love it! But now I'm thinking of buying another extender. I feel a little funny that the Damier azur pochette has gold hardware and my extender is silver. On the other hand, it feels kinda wasteful to buy another one.

    Here is a pic of the bag with the silver extender.
  2. Why do you need an extender for a cosmetics bag?
  3. Well, if I bought an extender, I'm obviously not using it as a cosmetics bag. ;)
  4. Many people use pochette's as a small shoulder bag / clutch....

    As for the question, personally it would bother me, but I would hate to have to buy a new extender as well...
  5. Your using it as a purse? Well I wouldn't use the 'Key Holder Verrou' in a silver tone (since that's not an extender) with the 'Azur Pochette Accessoires' which has gold tone hardware. I would recommend the adjustable shoulder strap meant for a purse, or maybe your cosmetic bag. ;)
  6. I'm picky about matching the hardware. Perhaps if you don't see the point in purchasing another extender, you could look at a Panda key chain or one of the newer pastilles (in framboise, perle, or pomme d'amour) that also can be used as an extender. Or, don't carry the damier azur pochette as a shoulder bag.
  7. ^ I also think you should get the matching extender - IMO it is little classier - having said that, there are watches in mixed hardware and it looks nice.

    I guess it depends on what you wear, and on the specific bag - I can't really say based on the pic. in the end it all comes down to whether you like it or not!
  8. I would definitely go out and get a gold one in order to match the hardware.
  9. First of all, Congratulations!

    Anyway, many of us use the pochette as a clutch/purse and some may use as a 'cosmetic bag' - it's one's prerogative. Either way it's a great piece. Personally, it would bother me a little if the hardware are different.:shame:
  10. A Pochette Accessories is not a cosmetics bag. LV cosmetics bags have washable linings especially purposed for holding cosmetics. The Pochette Accessories does not have a washable lining and is not a cosmetic bag. Even if it was one can opt to carry her bags any way she wants to.

    Bchleo, enjoy carrying your Pochette Accessories with the extender, though personally I would have to have a goldtone extender for the bag with goldtone hardware.

    I have quite a few Pochette Accessory bags and have just recently learned the joy of carrying them like a small shoulder bag for my cell and Agenda. It is so cute and fun! I purchased the long strap and two extenders so that I can wear the bags really long. Although I have plenty of LV handbags I find carrying my Pochette Accessory bags to be really fun!
  11. I only ever use my pochettes as handbags. It would bother me, but in the end it is what you are comfortable with.
  12. I never knew that, I can see what you mean - it would be cute to use as a small bag! And I agree with some of the posts, you could have fun with the extender idea and be creative.
  13. Yes, this is the one SAs sell as a pochette extender. If you ask for a pochette extender in the boutique, this is what they sell you. LVbabydoll has the exact same one.
  14. Thanks, Goldenleopardlady. I think I will purchase the Gold extender. I can't constantly be annoyed by looking at it!
  15. I would get the gold one.