Would this bother you?

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  1. I purchased a beautiful last year seasonal flap wallet at a boutique and discovered at home that the CC logo/flap and the quilting above it aren't perfectly aligned. It is perfect besides this. Would it bother you?

  2. The question is "does this bother YOU?".
    If so, return it.

    Apparently, it does bother you enough to start a thread.
  3. Just a little, but it's a hard to find piece at this point, so I'm leaning towards keeping it right now. I was just wondering what other people would do in this case
  4. For me, the biggest flaws for new Chanel pieces that bother me the most are: mis-alignment and off-center CCs.

    Yours is at the very front of the wallet, so yes this particular piece would bother me a lot. I would return it and source another perfect one. Good luck!
  5. I can’t see your photo but nothing that you pay thousands of dollars for is worth keeping because there might not be another one available right now (or so you’ve been told). Chanel will NEVER stop making bags.

    Luxury isn’t something you “settle” for.
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  6. Once I’ve seen something I can’t unsee it. So if I notice a flaw in something it’s hard for me to not think about it every time I see that piece. I can’t see your picture so am only going by your description. But If it’s bothering u now right after purchase i’m guessing it will continue to bother u because your eye will immediately go to that spot every time you pull out that wallet.
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