Would this bother you?

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  1. I recently purchased a card holder and just saw that it was made in 2015 so it was sitting around in the store for a few years. Should I return it or keep it? Would it bother you?
  2. What bothers YOU about it?
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  3. I think it’s because it’s old and not new for the cost and not knowing if it was a return. I guess though that can be with anything.
  4. You ruined your own experience by looking up the manufacturing date of your item. Didn't you love it when you bought it? And what if it had been returned at some point? As long as the item is in pristine condition, it doesn't make any difference. We've all bought luxury items that had been returned and we'll never find out.

    You are psyching yourself up!
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  5. I have a card that came with it that has the date right on it
  6. Again... so what??
    If you're unhappy, return it and move on with your life.
  7. Oh I will for sure. Don’t have to be sooo rude about it.
  8. I am not being rude... I asked you to articulate why you were bothered when you found out the manufacturing date of your item, despite being in love with the same item an hour earlier. Yet you haven't been able to articulate a clear reason... which is ridiculous.

    Now you say you want to return "for sure." So clearly I helped you make a decision. :tup::drinks:
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  9. No i haven’t decided. I meant when I said i will for sure meaning Ill move on with my life
  10. Ah... well... best of luck with your dilemma. I'm sure you'll find peace soon. :wave:
  11. Bye
  12. No, it wouldn’t bother me. It’s still technically new. Maybe your cardholder was waiting for the right owner! :P
  13. Yes that is true to look at it that way
  14. I wouldn’t worry about it. I want items I love - end of story. If you felt it was worth the price when you bought it and it’s a current model selling for that price in boutique, then I don’t see an issue.

    Life it too short to not enjoy privileges like being able to have gorgeous Prada card holders. :amuse:
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  15. True