Would this bother you?

  1. Originally i ordered the small Lou from Neiman with the GC event and the bag was puffy and perfect but since the GC took so long to arrive I returned it. since Saks had a good Black Friday sale I reordered it. The Saks one appears to have a dent across the back of it and the front. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, it's more apparent in the back but not as noticeable in the front. I'm debating on if I should exchange it. The first one from Neiman was more puffy and didn't have this crease which is why a bit bothered by this 2nd one. Or am I just over reacting? 20181128_183701.jpg 20181128_183707.jpg 20181128_183718.jpg
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  2. IMO since it bother's you, I would exchange for one with an appearance you prefer. Loulous are prone to creasing...however, I still had the SA pull out multiples when I purchased my top handle ones (the ones I ended up with still had some creasing, but not as bad as the ones I didn't, ha!).
  3. If It bothers you, I would definitely exchange it. When I got my Loulou in the mail, the first thing I did is check for deep creases because I knew it would bother me.
  4. Thanks for the input. Yeah I guess it's hard for me to overlook it since I've seen a " perfect" one especially with the price we pay for it.
  5. definitely return....
  6. Ordered a new one.. Thanks for chiming in... Can't wait to start using it!!
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  7. Please share it with us once you receive it! xx
  8. If you make a tpf, thread then it clearly bothers you. So return it!
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