Would this bother you? what should i do?

  1. this is my first LV purchase from ebay. i got this keepall 55 used for around $610. the auction never mentioned about having a scratch on the leather and the strap (which cause one of the thread to break). i don't mind the scratched leather but i don't know if the missing thread will present a problem in the future. what do you think?

    when a potential buyer asked whether there were any tears or scratches, the seller sort of dodge the question. but the seller did states that there were no tears inside or outside of the bag.

    i have not contacted the seller yet and wanted your thoughts on it first.

    here is the bag. and can you confirm that it is authentic too?

    thanks in advance!
    IMG_1342.JPG IMG_1343.JPG IMG_1349.JPG IMG_1348.JPG IMG_1347.JPG IMG_1346.JPG IMG_1352.JPG IMG_1353.JPG
  2. The bag seems real..

    I am kinda worry about that missing thread. May be you can get it fixed or something. I thnk you should let the seller know about it, may be she can give you discount so you can use that $$ to fix the mssing thread. 2 missing threads in my wallet estimate cost around $40
  3. thanks bagsnbags. do you know how long a repair like this would take?
  4. iono....I usually don't worry about missing threads, just don't pull on them which would cause it to unravel more....but if you wanna go get it fixed, ask your local LV boutique for a quote and then fix it
  5. Bag's the real deal.

    But I'm not sure, if I'm not happy, I'd try to make it right.. and getting something like this repaired could prevent bigger repairs in the future.
  6. thanks CEC.LV4eva and ayla!

    i am only concern about the thread since i will be using it for travel. i have emailed the seller but no reply as of yet. this is my first LV ebay purchase and most likely my last.

    i have a love/hate relationship with ebay:P
  7. I would get a quote from LV and then ask seller to refund you that $$$ so you can get it fixed. I think it's only fair. Good luck.
  8. ^^ditto
  9. i think it depends on the cost of the fixing, if it's expensive, tell the seller. but if it's cheap, i wouldn't worry. it's a great deal anyway, i don't wanna be too fussy either. although it was only fair that the seller told u bout the condition on the auction
  10. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pics. I really wonder how the bag got scratched like that. It would totally bother me. I'd definitely send it for repair, and set off the repair costs against the price I paid.
  11. Ouch!

    I think that's a relatively big thing to not mention in the listing.

    I guess it depends on how good the seller is, they may give you the option of returning the bag, but hopefully, they will stand the cost of repair. Would it need a new strap? That scratch is pretty deep?

    Good luck!

  12. I would be bothered, especially if I thought I was paying for a bag without any scratches!
  13. Normally my response is "it's a bag, use it, don't stress" but in this case...that is a MAJOR scratch, it looks like it got caught on something metal, and whoever was carrying the bag just pulled hard, and gouged the leather, ripping out the stitching at the same time. IMHO, to not disclose such a flaw was fraudulent.

    I agree with the above posters, get a quote from LV to fix it, and ask for that amount to be refunded. If the buyer doesn't agree, I'd try to get a full refund. Good luck, that bag is sweet!!
  14. I second that, the vachetta can be replaced but if they replace all the vachetta it will say "made in usa" instead of "made in france".
  15. thanks to everyone who responded:love:

    the seller has >200 100% feedbacks so i am hoping he will be willing to work with me on this. i think i am going try to ask for a return and just suck it up and buy a new one from LV in san fran.

    yes, it was a pretty good deal but it just bugs me when sellers are not upfront about the products they are selling.