would this bother you? undisclosed damage saffiano lux tote

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  1. I bought a saffiano lux tote from an online reseller and had it authenticated here. It was listed as preowned but pampered condition but once i got it, I realized there is more wear that wasn't disclosed. I paid $1255. Would this bother you? Is this repairable? the leather is worn at the base of the handles and the seams are separating at the seam as well.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396388388.114376.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396388405.010813.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396388420.409346.jpg
  2. Yes, that would bother me enough to return.
  3. that looks repairable. what is the current price for a new one?
  4. Yes, that would definitely prompt a return from me. The seller really should have noted those things in their post, they are quite noticeable. I am sorry this happened to you :[
  5. Yes, that would bother me too. Can you return it? If they told you about this up front, and you still bought it knowing that, it's fine. But to be deceptive, that's wrong. You should definitely complain and get it returned. Fingers crossed you can.

    Sorry it's happened to you, and hopefully things will work out for you. Keep us posted.
  6. Return.
  7. Back it goes. No as represented. Period.
  8. +1
  9. Thanks, ladies. I notified the site I bought the bag from and they agreed it wasnt accurately described and agreed to allow a return with full refund. I have decided to purchase one new and spend the additional $1k for a brand new and hopefully perfect bag.
  10. yay that's good news! :biggrin: Good choice imo. My reasoning is: you're spending a large amount of money already, why not spend a tad more to be sure you are getting something new, authentic, and of top notch quality :biggrin: This way you can inspect the bag in store too^^ (If you choose to get it in store)
  11. well im glad everything work out fine
  12. Definitely a yes.

  13. Good luck...