Would this bother you? To return or not to return?

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  1. Thanks so much for ur kind words ladies, I know that I'll be glad when the right paddy comes, I'm hoping this next one will be it. If ur paying full price you should be totally satisfied!

    Thanks for ur words of wisdom, I feel better knowing I've sent the email!
  2. good luck cat!
  3. It would only grate on your nerves if you kept it. Just think how fab it will feel when you get the 'perfect' one, it will be well worth the wait! :yes: Hang in there! :tup:
  4. :Push: this is me trying to send you good vibes!! I know how you feel though..I took my paddy to NM to get fixed a few weeks ago, and the center just called me last night UGH....now I have to wait another 4-6 weeks. Good things come to those who wait though....right!?!
  5. Indeed, you are right. You must be missing your Paddy so:crybaby:

    Thanks for ur good vibes, I shall return them for ur Paddy to get better soon :Push:

  6. +1 :tup: I'm glad you returned it. The color miss match would soooo bother me.
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