Would this bother you? To return or not to return?

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  1. IMG_1274.jpg

    As I posted below I recieved my 06 choc mini paddy yesterday and the leather seemed odd. The camera has exagerated the colour difference but you get the idea.

    Would this bother you enough to return the bag? I hate returning items and waiting for a replacement, it takes an age. I contacted the company I got the bag from and they said

    " With regard to the colouring, it is normal for the dye to affect different areas on leather as it is a natural product. "

    I don't thnik the colour difference is too noticanle and could be considered a 'quirk' but what do u ladies think? My dh is being absolutly no help, but says he wouldn't notice the difference unless I pointed it out.........
  2. Hm, not sure about this, it all depends on whether it bothers you. You seem to be unsure enough, too, to post this question. If you look at the bag and think about the difference all the time I would return it. On the pic it seems to be quite noticeable, but then you said, the pic exaggerated the difference... Personally I wouldn't mind a colour difference if it was not too obvious, but that I can't tell from your pics... Sorry for not being too much help... But do return it, if you are not 100% happy, otherwise you will always have reservations against your mini paddy, it would be worth the wait then...
    Other than that the chocolate shade looks just yummy!
  3. return it cat!
    esp as you paid full price for it, i wouldnt want it to look patchy and wouldnt expect it to loo like that!
  4. Cat_uk, I think we all can relate to your dilemna. We expect our bags to live up to our standards after dishing out our dollars. If the discoloration bothered me, I would return it. I realize that there is variation in color based on the way the leather takes the dye, and many of those 'flaws' add character to the bag --however, when we are paying top $$ for Chloe bags, I expect the bag to be 'perfect' in the sense that I'm completely happy with it. It sorta kills the 'feel good' of carrying our bags when we are haunted by knowing there's something wrong with our bag. Only you can make the final determination whether or not the discoloration is enough to go through the return process.
    All that said, the location of the discoloration would probably bother me, as it is a separate piece of leather--if it was in the body of the bag, don't think it would bother me as it is often that way because of the way the leather is tanned.
    Another thing would be the price, was it discounted or full price??
    Good luck with your decision, hope it all works out for you.:smile:
  5. I don't think you should keep a bag thats is not perfect when paying full price.
  6. :tdown:I think you should return it Cat - if you paid full price,you should get a 'perfect' bag and if you're anything like me, a flaw like that would play on my mind :s and decrease the pleasure I'd get from owning the bag :sad:.
  7. Cat...

    You are getting some stellar advice in terms of whether to keep you're bag :smile: At first glance, i thought if it had to have some discoloration or color issue...that might not be the absolute worst spot to have that problem.

    But thinking more on it & looking at your picture again, I think llson is right...that might just bug me so I would definitely return it! I know it's a hassle to return but it will be worth it in the end!!!!

    Keep us posted!!
  8. I so agree with everyone on this issue. If it bothers you, by all means return it! These bags at full price are expected to be perfect in our eyes. This bag costs way too much to find its' way to the back of your closet, never to see the sunshine. That is exactly what would happen to a bag with any quirck that bothered me.
  9. Well ladies I have sent the email asking for a replacement, dreading to think how long it will take, sigh. But hey, hopefully my third mini paddington will be the keeper?

    Feeling very bumbed out:crybaby:
  10. third time lucky!!!
  11. I would return it as well. The color does look a bit off and different.
  12. The third has to be the charm.......once you get your hands on that beautiful perfect paddy, you'll be glad you sent this one back.
  13. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and that this time it will be the perfect one! It will be worth the wait and meanwhile you have the beautiful Moka Quilted Bay to hold on to... (I know what I am talking about...)[​IMG]
  14. Cat... you are so determined... i hope you find the righ mini paddy in the end...
    mine doesnt show any discoloration... the leather is more bubbly in some areas, but it looks alright...
    Keep us posted!
  15. I think you are doing the right thing. Since it is bothering you and you are paying full price then you should be perfectly happy with it and not have flaws that bothers you on the bag.
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