Would this bother you? I'm not sure what to do...

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  1. I've been looking for a discontinued style and found what I want on eBay. I am sure it is authentic but it apparently came from an outlet or something and does not come with an auth card or dustbag and also has the chanel name inside with a black mark across it (apparently so that it can not be returned). I am not sure what to do. It is a bag that I really want and will be about a third cheaper than if I had purchased it at the store...
  2. I think it would bother me... But if you really, really wanted this bag.. Go for it! :biggrin:
  3. If I really wanted it and would save that much money, I'd buy it. To me, the only reason I ever want the auth card or any extras is if I plan to resell it at some point. As for the black mark, it is inside, so not visible to anyone else. I'd try a Q-tip with some polish remover on it to remove the mark. It's worked for me on leather before. Just rub very gently.
  4. Under the circumstances you've mentioned, it would not bother me enough to keep me from buying it.
  5. Im a perfectionist..LOL..it would totally bother me!
  6. Stace, is this a bag you think you'd probably keep forvever?
    If so, snatch it!
    I'm a TOTAL perfectionist w/ these stinkin' bags, but if I KNEW it would be a bag I'd keep for a very long time, I'd probably get it.

    BTW, I haven't "seen" you much, I miss you! :winkiss:
  7. It would bother me a bit too much, since Chanel is faked quite a lot.
  8. What would bother me is the authenticity, but if I am 100% sure that it is authentic and the bag is still in good condition, I would get it cos it is a dis-continued item...so it depends on how much you like the bag I guess.
  9. If it's a bag that I've been looking for since forever (and it sounds you've been wanting this bag for awihle), it wouldnt bother me at all. you could always get an extra dustbag for it.

    get it!
  10. It wouldn't bother me if it's a bag I really really wanted! It might be more difficult to resell later but hopefully you will never have to do that. =)
  11. It wouldn't if it was from a reputable seller such a personalshoppers or someone like that. From someone else, I am always just so skeptical. : (

    There has been a bag I've been dying for but it isn't made anymore and the only way it eBay. I found it but the seller wasn't a "big" name from tPF so I couldn't bring myself to do it... but I would have purchased it in the condition you mention since I wanted the bag so badly.
  12. The only thing that would bug me a bit is the slash going through the Chanel name. The card doesnt matter much. Especially when it has the hologram inside the bag. BUT if the price is that good, I wouldnt mind. It would probably have to be at least about half of retail for me to get over the slash thing though.
  13. If you love the bag, then don't worry about the card...bonus it's cheaper.
  14. As long as the purse is authentic, I would go for it. Curious to know which purse you are thinking of. Love your collection of Chanel purses!
  15. If it is the one that I reallly, realllllllllly want, and for sure is authentic, then I will go for it! Is it in good condition though?