Would this bother you if it was your spy????

  1. hi,
    as some of you guys know, i had some problems with my fendi spy--the glass/mirror part of the end cap. it was falling off so I bough it over to Saks to have them fixed. I went there twice already and they finally fixed it....however, I just realized that they glued the piece the wrong way. The 'Fendi' word of it is upside down, instead of upright. What should I do??? Please sugges it to me. The SA at Saks that helped me was really nice and I'd hate to bother them again with it. What do you ladies think? Is it even a big deal?? thx
  2. I think it would bother me because even if other people don't know that the piece is upside down, I do. KWIM? I would call back and ask them to fix it again.
  3. It doesn't bother me personally, but many people look for details like that to determine authenticity, so the the upside down glass may impact resale. I'd have them fix it.
  4. I'd have them fix it also!
  5. I would definitely have them fix it as it may impact authentication at some point. You never know if you may want to sell it at some point.
  6. yes..thanks ladies..i'm going to talk to the SA now on the phone..but what should I say? The SA was so nice and I feel really bad going to him again..btw, whatt exactly should I say?? thx
  7. yes, it would bother me for the amount of money that a spy bag cost nothing should fall off.
  8. Just say Thank you for fixing my spy but you fixed it upside down can you please re-do it and fix it properly:sos:
  9. I'd want it fixed also. I probably would never sell mine, not with a teenage daughter anyway, but I would definately want it repaired to the way I bought it. Don't like to pay $2K for something that's going to have an upside down piece.
  10. fix it
  11. So I bought it back today and they were not so nice about it...WHATEVERS!!! they messed up and didn't even say anything about it. hopefully they can fix it!
  12. Pwecious, they made the mistake, not you. If they can't be professional about it, it's a reflection on them. They should fix it and do it right. Nothing about your request is above and beyond the call of duty. Stick to your guns!!! Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  13. Thanks ladies. I did go to Saks yesterday and have them fix it. Unfortunatley, the SA that helped me wasn't there..but anyhow, they weren't even nice about it or anything like that....they say they'll try to fix it and if not, they'll sent it to FEndi and have them take a look at it....bad service.. :sad:
    but will keep u ladies posted
  14. I had a problem with my oldeset Spy bag, having the mirror piece come open, I just superglued it myself as I am not planning on carrying anything in that very small compartment.
    As far as Fendi's service, they are definitely not Hermes when it comes to refurbishing so I don't know.
    It would bother me if the logo was upside down, however, with my Cognac, it is glued shut, so I will never resale the bag to anyone.
    I use Appleguard protector right away on Spy bags as preventative maintenance for leather fading, too.