Would this bother you if it happened to your bag?? thx>>>rop

  1. i had some problems with my fendi spy--the glass/mirror part of the end cap. it was falling off so I bough it over to Saks to have them fixed. I went there twice already and they finally fixed it....however, I just realized that they glued the piece the wrong way. The 'Fendi' word of it is upside down, instead of upright. What should I do??? Please sugges it to me. The SA at Saks that helped me was really nice and I'd hate to bother them again with it. What do you ladies think? Is it even a big deal?? thx
  2. I think you should definitely get it done right! Having the wording upside down is kind of serious, IMO, because it changes the integrity of the bag.
    But if you're comfortable carrying the bag anyway, then leave it be, because you don't know how they'll un-glue it, whether it can be done without damage, etc.
    Good luck!
  3. Um, yea......

    It great that they helped you, and were nice doing it, but it needs to be done right! just bring it back, explain the situation, smile a lot so you look as nice as you really are and not just some pain in the butt customer, and hopefully, voila!
    You def deserve to have this item fixed properly, and you are obviously a nice person, so I cannot see them getting mean on you. Even if they did, a really gently reminder that THEY were the ones to put the cap on UPSIDE DOWN might help the situtation. They really should have paid a little more attention.

    good luck!
  4. YES! Take the bag back now and demand them to fix it right.
  5. Yes, that would bug the hell out of me!!!
  6. Man, definitely take the bag back and get it fixed. Upside down logo? People will think its a fake bag when you already paid a bunch for it. :smile:
  7. You pay a lot of money for Fendi so, of course, you should expect good after sales service. Repairing it badly is not good service and you are quite within your rights to go back. I'd just smile nicely and say 'thanks so much' a lot!
    Good luck.
  8. I agree take it back as it should of been done correctly the first time.
  9. At first I thought, "who cares" but after reading everyone's posts...they have good points...you spent a lot on it and it should be right. Get it fixed.
  10. thanks ladies...so should I ask for the SA and say what? or go directly to the manager....maybe just the SA since it's not that big of a deal but what should I say now?? thx
    (for some weird reason i'm afraid to call)
  11. Fora bag that price I would expect it to be perfect
  12. I would be a little annoyed with them, I would definetely call them and complain.
  13. No question about it--take it back to be repaired correctly. If they are nice, they will want you to be a satisfied customer and fix it. Please don't accept something faulty because you don't want to bother the store.
  14. same here! I'd take it back and get them to fix it.

    I bought a gucci bag a while back and the strap broke shortly after I bought it. I brought it in and they fixed it. Then the strap on the other side broke. The straps didn't seem to be sewn well. The stitching sort of perforated the leather and it made it break. So that time I brought it to a shoe repair place near my house and they did a BETTER job fixing it.

    They really need to fix it to your satisfaction though. I've never again bought another gucci bag nor do I have any desire to. The lining on the inside of the gucci flaked off all over the place too. I'd say fendi needs to take care of you so you don't end up saying like I did with gucci, never again!
  15. ^^ I had a similar experience with Gucci. I'm never buying another bag from them either.

    definently take your bag back and tell them to fix it right. You didn't pay all that money for your bag for nothing, as I see it, you've paid to get good customer service as well.