Would this bother you for a first Bbag?

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  1. So I'm 98% there. I've been staring at this bag for-ever. It's from 2005 and it's brown, which is a color I wouldn't mind and the price seems like it's good. So what's stopping me?? The handles! Is it just me? What do you guys think? The stitches seem to really stand out. Is this normal?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm tempted to just buy a new one... Then I don't have to worry about the condition.. But I can't seem to make up my mind. I really need someone to say, "here, get this-- the price is good". LOL!
  2. The handles.... I don't know if you mean the colour or the condition. Personally I'm not into the colour contrast.
  3. I'm not sure whether the color contrast of the handles/stitches is intentional or not... but... as a first bag... go with a new one. The feeling and emotion of owning a brand new bag is unbeatable especially if it's your first Bal! You can smell the leather... it will come with a shopping bag... maybe even a box... it's the whole experience that counts.
  4. My first bag was an oldie and i love the 2005 chevre leather!!! It's so soft and glossy, not like what you'll see in leather nowadays. A lot of people say 2010 is a good year for leather too, and although I have a very wrinkly Papeete, 2010 anthra and BDR, I still prefer the leather of my oldies... I'm happy to say my favorite bags are all pre-owned :smile:

    that one looks like 2005 chocolate and looks delish :smile:
  5. Yes, it is a 2005 chocolate and definitely delish.. it's just that I don't think the stitching is supposed to contrast that much. So I might just pass. :sad:
  6. There is also contrast on the 2010 seigle RH city on the stitching of the handles. It may just be your personal preference so I would get a different bag if I were you.. doesn't have to be brand new. A lot of other colors don't show contrasted stitching for previous years.
  7. The side of the tassels also have a contrast, light brown look to them so it does match. I can't decide if I really like it or if it would bother me...

    It's a beautiful bag and the contrast is a look you either like or don't like. I guess it depends on how good the price was... was it more than half the price of a new one? That might help me make a decision... a very very low price.
  8. Honestly, I have had two 05 choco bags (City and Twiggy), and I don't remember the contrast being that stark IRL. I personally don't think you can top 05 leather, but, you have to be the one happy with it. I do think 2010 leather is nice, and you may be happiest with a new bag.
  9. If it's bugs you then don't get it. IMO the difference is pretty noticeable and why get a bag with a flaw that you'll notice every time you use it. You don't have to buy a new bag as your first Bbag but IMO you should defiantly hold out till you find one that you like don't settle for one with a flaw.
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    I'd be lying if I said there is no contrast between the handles and the whipstitching.
    But like many already mentioned, 2005 had some of the best leather and looks like yours isn't an exception. :biggrin: It looks absolutely delicious so I'd keep it, but it's your first Bbag and you should love it! If you're having second thoughts on it, then you should look for another one.
  11. ^ You're right. It's just that once I have my eye on something, I am not very good at waiting! lol I think for a few hundred more, I can get a new one so that is the route I'll take. Now to figure out which color I want since now I'm not as limited! :nuts:
  12. Maybe you could have the stitching dyed by a professional to match the leather? Sometimes pre-owned bags can look amazing after a little TLC...
  13. 05 chocolate city is in the center
    you can see the contrast compared to the other city's


    I would say "here, get this-- the price is good" if I knew what the price was.

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  14. I love the contrast on the handles of bags, this is actually one of the reasons why I really like 05 chocolate. I also like sapphire and violet because of this too, but maybe I am the odd one out.
    I think if you don't like it, wait for another bag you like more.
    Are the pictures from RDC?
  15. I feel exactly like aimtree ^^^

    For 05 Chocolate and older, the chocolate is VERY dark. Probably darker than your photo in real life. The contrasting stitches, to me, add a little more zing! Almost like the tassels do, on an otherwise rich and beautiful, but somewhat somber color. Here's my latest..

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