Would this bother you...am I being too picky??

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  1. I just received my yellow jumbo this morning from Nordstrom's. I love the color, but noticed 2 black dots on the front and now it's bothering me. I don't know if it's from a pen, pencil or what it is and I don't know if they will come off. Plus, since it's glazed lambskin I'm afraid to put anything on the bag. I'm also afraid I won't be able to find another jumbo in this color. Would this bother you? Am I being too anal? I know they are small, but I think I have a right to have a dot-free bag for $2800.:lol: I've attached pics.

  2. I don't think your being too anal at all. I have the same problem after I bought my DS reissue I noticed a tiny glue dot on the back pocket. You really can't see it unless you look really hard but I always find myself looking for it when I use my bag. I couldn't be bothered to return it beacuse once you start using the bags they get small marks or tiny scratches anyway, but if you can find another yellow jumbo by all means get it exchanged or at the very least ask the store for a discount.
  3. I have a feeling it is how the glazed lambskin supposed to be?
    I have a yellow glazed in medium and it looks like yours too ?:confused1:
  4. that would annoy me too
  5. It looks like maybe someone used it? Exchange it for a new one. Or ask for some kind of a damage discount.
  6. You are not being picky at all. You paid alot of money for your bag and you want it to be without flaws when you buy it. I had the same problem with my metallic reissue. First the stitch was coming undone...exchanged it for a new one...the new one had a little teeny tiny black mark that wouldn't go away(I guess it wasn't glue), just a deep scratch revealing the leather beneath. It was so small but everytime I put the bag on I know it's there and it wasn't from wear and tear. It bothered me so much I just returned that bag altogether. I'm still on the search for the same reissue from another boutique. The SA didn't think it was a big thing that the mark was there...hey if you pay $2500 for a bag...we should be happy with what we get and not just settle.
  7. So, you've seen these little dots on your med. yellow? This reminds me of the little dots that used to be on LV vernis.

    I guess it could be a return. The tag is still attached so I'm sure it wasn't used. Just bugs me:s
  8. That would really bother me too. Can they swop it for an absolutely perfect one? For this much money, I would expect it to be perfect!
  9. I would prefer a flawless one of course, but I don't think I'd mind if it's a hard-to-get bag, because the dots seems really tiny.
  10. Yes and some marks, my SA said its because its washed lambskin.
    I think you should get a new one if it bothers you, but if this is the only one keep it!
    the color is gorgeous!

  11. Wouldn't bother me that much.

    Im sure the bag is still very beautiful
  12. No, you're not being too "anal" at all!:nogood: Chanels cost waaaay too much, we truly deserve top-quality bags for the price we're paying IMO.
  13. i would be picky if i spent that amount of money on a bag and it wasn't flawless...
  14. Those would bug me as well. I would exchange. There is no reason you cannot have a flawless bag for paying that price. The SA should understand, and if they want to keep your business, have every inclination to make this right.
  15. It would really bother me, at that price it should be perfect when it comes to you.