Would This Bother You a Lot?

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  1. Hi girls,

    words of wisdom needed here...
    I'm watching a pair of CL's on ebay, but have just asked the seller if they come with box/dustbag as no mention of it in listing, and they wrote back and said no.

    The thing is, the shoes are great, hopefully will be a great price, so why is this bothering me?! Would I be able to get a box/dustbag elsewhere?

  2. Ummm...it would bother me a little, but if it's a great shoe at a great price, I'd still get them.
  3. If they're a great price or a shoe I really want I'd buy them anyway. CL boxes and dustbags pop up from time to time on ebay so you could always buy one later.
  4. I agree. If the price is right and you are certain they are real then you can try to get a dustbag later.
  5. it wouldn't really bother me. but that's cos i'm really bad at looking after my shoes, i never put them in boxes or anything, but i can see why it would bother you if you store your shoes that way.

    search ebay, i've seen people selling jimmy choo boxes so i imagine there are some cl ones on there too.
  6. Buy now and get dust covers later. It would not bother me though. I take all shoes out of boxes and if they don't come with dust bags I put them in pillow cases or the dust bags from old handbags.
  7. Thanks girls, it's a pair of Architeks and as far as I know they haven't been faked yet? Look a good price so far, so here's hoping! xxx
  8. It will bother me if it didn't come with a box since I store my shoes in them, but it won't bother me if it didn't come with a dustbag since I don't use any of mine.

    You can always get a box and a dustbag later on.
  9. I know what you mean, I think it would bug me too. But it wouldn't stop me getting them.

  10. I agree it would definitely bug me. I opened my pink glitter's from nm.com while ago and they did not come in the box? :confused1: I have never had that happen before. The dustbag was included, but they were in a giftwrapped NM box. I didn't ask for them to be wrapped as a gift and even if I had, the box is normally included. I don't plan to return them, but I know if I would the first response would be "we can't acept without the box!". I plan to call tomorrow and ask where is my box. I do store all of my shoes in my boxes, so it is an irritable situation.
  11. This happened to me once. I ordered the shoes (they were worn once at a wedding) and it came in a smushed box without a dust bag. It did bother me, but hey, the shoes are gorgeous and THAT's what I wanted.
  12. I thought this would bother me too, but after finding a pair at an amazing price, you forget about the box. I got some clear shoe boxes that work just fine.
    You get over it once you get & wear the shoes.

    Hi friend! Havent seen u post in a while...just wanted to say hi! lol
  13. Next time you purchase one from Neimans or Saks ask for an extra bag. My girlfriends mom is a SA at Neimans in newport beach and she gives me extra ones each time I get a pair of shoes :smile: She says they have Plenty in the back!!
  14. This happened to me last year from nm.com w/the black patent VPs w/burgundy tip. Upon advisement from the ladies here I called CS and requested give me a discount. Of course CS did not want to automatically give me a discount, so they first offered to check the warehouse for a box and when they could not find it, gave me a 10% discount. Since being without a box was unacceptable to me, I went to my friendly NM SA and asked for a box. The box I was given was for a shoe of a different style and much larger size than mine, but for me a big box was better than no box at all.

    I have encountered getting my CLs without dustbags from retailers and what I have done is take the dustbag from a pair that I plan on returning.

    Posh, I would not be too bothered by winning a shoe for a good price that was without a box or dustbag. I think the act of winning would diminish my disappointment. Good luck!
  15. it is perfectly normal for you to be bothered by this. but like everyone said, if you get them at a great price, that's what matters. you can always get a spare box and dustbag later. but you should factor that in to the maximum price you are willing to pay for the shoes.