Would this be totally faux pas?

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  1. I am so embarrased. I do some ebay reselling of bags and recently sold a pochette to a lady in CA. The bag was obviously authentic, had a reciept the whole she-bang. Well she express ships the bag back to me after receiving it claiming that it is not authentic! I would NEVER buy or sell a fake bag. I offered to pay for a mypoupette authentication and she refuses. Stating that she wants an LV authentication, but refuses to take it in because apparently she's an expert.

    Would it be horrible for me to ask the manager at my LV to authenticate the bag and call this woman? I'd be so embarrased to do so, as both her and I already know the bag is authentic. Do you think she would even be willing to call?
  2. i'd ship the bag back and tell her to take it to lv, i'd send the pic's to My poupette and forward the email to her and keep it on file. Sounds more like buyer remorse.

    Lv will authentic the bag but not call anyone to confirm.
  3. Thanks! I've already e-mailed and paid for the my poupette authentication. What a pain to have to ship it to her again though! Ugh :sad: I've never had problems on ebay, this is my first, it's such a bummer.
  4. either that or just refund her money less shipping and ebay fee's and resell on ebay. give her nuteral or neg feedback with a reason why.
  5. I'm thinking this is a case of buyers remorse too. I'd send her the proof from Poupette. Did you auction state "All sales Final unless there is an authenticity issue?" If so, you aren't required to take the bag back if its authentic and you provide that proof.
  6. I actually just put All Sales Final. No returns.
  7. I would keep the bag! She will prob. file a charge back with PayPal anyways so you will be out $$$ AND the bag!
  8. Thats what I would do. You guys could be sending and resending to each other for days.

    Good luck
  9. Thats true
  10. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. I always put in my listings that all sales are final because I can't take the chance that my authentic bag will be switched out for a fake. Some people are so irritating, I hope that this all get's worked out soon.
  12. just refund her the money less all your fees incurred as she obviously just has buyers remorse.
    there's no point in shipping it back to her as you would be out of pocket the extra shipping fees and as it is you've already incurred more expenses with the authentication with mypoupette.

    good luck and i hope it all works out well
  13. yes send her the proof from MyPoupette. you shouldn't have to take the bag back if it's.

    i always state that all sales are final, because i know they're authentic and the buyers do too.

    this happened to me about a month ago, when i sold my Gucci waist bag. i gave her the receipt and everything, and she emailed me after she got the bag saying that she didn't think it was authentic and wanted to return it. i told her to take a GOOD look at the receipt, or take it to Gucci and have it out with them. she never replied, which means she decided to keep it, but she never left feedback either :censor:
  14. I doubt she even had time to look at the receipt and truely inspect the bag. As she express shipped it back to MI that same day and it arrived here at 10am from California!

  15. Sounds like she changed her mind about the bag and giving you the run around.