would this be to anal???

  1. I feel that my new black Denim Cabby GM is too faded looking. When I bought it, it was the only one they had, so I couldnt choose. Would it be too anal and embarassing to take it to an LV boutique and see if I can exchange it for one thats darker???
  2. Nope, all denim pieces are different, not one is exact to the other!
  3. If you haven't used it, then take it back. If you've been using it I wouldn't return it for that reason.

  4. No, not anal.....You just want what you paid for (Perfection) and there is nothing wrong with that. Hey you can at least try to exchange it, if you don't try you will never know and don't wait too long. Good luck. :biguns:
  5. ^ I agree... if you haven't used it, then take it back and exchange it for one that you like...
  6. I don't own anything from the denim line but isn't it suppose to fade with time anyway? If you go to the lv website, click on Services, then Product Care & Repair Services, then Everyday Care, and under Monogram Denim, it says:

    - The "used" effect given intentionally by the stonewash will become more visible with time.
  7. If you're not happy with it, then definitely go in and at least see how yours compares to others on the shelf. Then if yours is unused and you like another better you can hopefully exchange. You should love your bag. And then any wear will happen on your watch.
  8. take it back and get one you love!
  9. no that's not picky at all, i'd return it if you're not happy with it.
  10. It is not picky at all, you should be totally happy with your purchase.
    But can you exchange in another boutique? idk...
  11. i would get the best even with a 300 item , you should too w your LV. but it will fade after time anyway
  12. I would take it back too and try to exchange it. I agree with the others, you never know if you don't try. ITS OK TO BE ANAL! Good luck with your decision. Let us know what you decide to do, if you haven't already done so!
  13. I say go return it, you should have a bag you are satisfied with :biggrin:

  14. ~I would do it! I have to be completely happy with my Louie;)~
  15. Exchange it......I did and got one that was dark.