Would this be the "small" Modern Chain tote?

  1. Hey Amy, that HAS to be it!!!

    Thank you. I like them both styles. What do you think?
  2. OMG, I love that! It does look like the smaller version. I also love the red...it's just gorgeous!
  3. Yes!! That is the smaller one. I tried on this one in black. It is still a big tote. I like the shape of the large one better. Thanks for posting that picture.
  4. Mon,

    The shape reminds me a little of the Deerskin Tote (like the one il*bacio*bella has) but not sure of the dimensions. From the seller's pics it looks like the straps can be shoulder-worn so that would be great if it can be worn comfortably on the shoulder:yes: . I like it--I think I can do this size better than the large tote:P .


  5. I'm so glad you posted that auction Amy. It's been killing me not knowing what the "small" version looked like. Even though I like this one as well, I'm very happy with my two large totes.:heart:

    When are you moving to San Diego so we can go shopping already?:choochoo:
  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been wondering what this version looks like as well.
  7. I tried this one on in the store. The size of this one is about the same as the vintage ligne tote.
  8. Did you like it Stacy? I really actually like both styles.
  9. That'd be February next year, Mon:yahoo: :jammin: !! I'm so excited:graucho: !!

  10. If actually really like that bag and think it is a practical size for me but have a couple Chanel bags that are similar in shape (vintage ligne tote and large bucket cambon) so I couldn't justify getting it:sad: .
    I think the shape of the larger one is really different but it was just too big for me. Did you keep the red or the white?? I've been so busy at work that i am just jumping on and off and not keeping up with the conversations! Both looked so great on you!

    I am still holding out for the Ritz, smaller Cabas and the vintage patent flaps in the cruise line...one or more will hopefully be mine soon!! ;)
  11. Oh I love it!! Great size!
  12. Oh! I actually like this size better than the huge one!
  13. Stacy, I kept both.:shame:
  14. :lol: You go girl!!